We are sharing some Tips, and Strategies in this Figure Fantasy Beginners Guide to assist you in getting started.

Figure Fantasy is an idle mobile game featuring 3D figurines. Become the figurines’ master in this 3D world, and embark on an adventure in their miniature world. Several figurines can be collected, strategic battles can be fought, and idle gameplay can be enjoyed.

So without wasting any time, let’s start with the Figure Fantasy Guide and all the tips and tricks.

As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock more adventure content

As you go through the game, you must unlock additional chapters or material. If you do not do so, your progress in the game will be halted or slowed. Sub-chapters will be included in each chapter. Chapter 8 features numbers like 8-1, 8-2, and so on. Make sure you’re making adequate progress in them as well. Do them every day until you’ve unlocked all the stuff in the Adventure section of the game. Additionally, completing these tasks will earn you nice prizes and in-game cash.

How to Get/Reroll Good Figurines

You must obtain excellent Figurines of an increasing rarity in order to proceed correctly in this game. You will now be given some pleasant figurines when you begin the game. I recommend that you level them up till you can afford better ones.

By “better,” I’m referring to DPS and Healers. To do damage, you’ll need some great DPS figures, as well as some good Healer figurines to outlast your opponent. The following are some examples of High DPS and Healer figurines:

  • [DPS] Zarola
  • Umei Mizuno [Starter Healer/ Swap out later] 
  • Vazorwyn [DPS]
  • It’s a good idea to have Zephyr as a healer.

You can perform rerolls or pull for additional pleasant figurines later if you don’t obtain a solid set of them right away.

Figure Fantasy Guide to Upgrade figurines

Figure Fantasy Guide
Figure Fantasy

In order to improve their overall stats, figurines must be promoted. If you wish to promote a certain figure, you’ll need multiple duplicates of it. I’ve only seen the Red/Pink figure so far. Figure Fantasy’s “Quick Promote” function at the bottom-right of the screen may also be used to promote figurines with duplicate cards.

This is an excellent approach to save time as well. You’ll have to manually choose each figurine and apply duplicates to them if you want to promote them otherwise. This essentially increases their stats and power. It will eventually assist you in clearing stages faster and outlasting your opponents. You can employ other characters to promote a certain character at the highest rarities. Take notice that this will only happen for the Red/highest rarity and not for the others.

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Figurines can be upgraded to higher levels

To progress in the game as a beginner, you must also increase the level of your heroes. For this, you need to use specific currencies in the game. These include:

  • Lucky Coins 
  • Clover Sticker 

There are many ways to obtain Lucky Coins. You will have access to an abundance of sources. Your goal is to gather Clover Stickers. In addition to stickers, you must also farm stamps.

Farming Clover Stickers would require repeated battles with the final boss. Getting there is the first step, though. Take advantage of that as quickly as you can. Idle Rewards can also provide you with them.

Find Stamps in the Nightmare, the Final Battle, and the Idle Rewards. Finding them is hard, but not impossible. Keep trying and make sure you find them. 

Increase your skill level and get access to new levels

Figure Fantasy

To improve a hero’s or figurine’s effectiveness in Figure Fantasy, you must acquire their skill sets. This may be done by going to the “Design Letters” tab. Also, level them up as much as possible to make them the most powerful in a fight.

Because you must do particular actions in order to unlock them, it may take some time. These are known as “Sacred Tours” and are crucial to the game’s success. To complete a clean sweep of Sacred Tour, get three stars in each chapter. You might have to redo it if you don’t.

There will be a certain number of heroes assigned to you on sacred tours. The only thing you need to do is figure out where they should go in the provided spaces. You’ll find certain objectives on the left side of the screen. Ensure that everyone sweeps the stage clean. Your objectives will include the following:

  • Obtain three allied figurines by achieving victory
  • Survive the battle and finish it in 15 seconds.

Completing these will provide you with stage-specific gifts as well as skill goods that will allow you to unlock talents for your figurines.

Grow your gears and upgrade them

Figure Fantasy Guide
Figure Fantasy

‘Parts’ are the game’s name for gears. After you’ve chosen a figurine, you’ll see a tab labeled Parts beside it. Select that, and you’ll be sent to a menu with all the figurine’s current accessories. The major goal here is to improve them. Look for extras from the Set. These boost the total stats of the figurines in the game and maybe quite useful. The stat-boosting gears recommended here are better than the standard ones. Beginners should take this into account especially.

Increase Your Otaku Level

“The Otaku Zone” may be found at the bottom of the main screen. This is essentially a showcase area for your figurines. The Otaku Zone, on the other hand, serves the function of increasing the power of figurines.

Putting green rarities in the Otaku with 85-93 level Figurines will result in the green rarities becoming 85-93 as well. The otaku has a handy feature like this that is extremely helpful! To unlock the Otaku, you must harvest Tool Boxes. Tool Boxes may be discovered in Nightmare and Sacred Tour, so be sure to complete them on a frequent basis to ensure you have plenty of them. Then use them to enlarge the Otaku and add more shelves for other figurines:

It is still necessary to level up skills separately. Using the Otaku does not increase them. Only other figurines can be advanced with this method.

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