Pokemon with impish nature will receive defense boost. Find out everything about this trait.

Nature is a common Pokemon feature that was launched with generation 3. With the arrival of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the nature trait became popular. Every Pokemon has a different nature and it affects their stats. A nature trait increases one stat and decreases another stat for Pokemon. This has been one of the best mechanics in Pokemon games.

A Pokemon’s nature also affects their likes and dislikes on berries, flavors and other consumable items. You can use nature traits based on a Pokemon’s playing as some attackers receive a buff and nerf at the same time. Impish is one among many natures in Pokemon games. You can use nature traits based on a Pokemon’s playing as some attackers receive a buff and nerf at the same time. Here’s all about impish nature Pokemon, effects, and best units.

Pokemon Impish Nature – Everything You Need to Know 

Pokemon with the impish nature will get boosted defense stats. This is an advantage for Pokemon with low or poor defense. The impish nature will also  reduce Sp. ATK stats for the Pokemon. Impish Nature trait affects Pokemon that are strong in Sp. ATK. The impish nature Pokemon likes to eat sour flavoured ingredients. But these Pokemon dislike dry berries and ingredients.

Best Impish Nature Pokemon

Units with Impish Nature are best used for raids and gym battles. Here are the top pocket monsters with this trait in the Pokedex,


Impish Nature Pokemon
Jangmo-o Pokemon

Jangmo-o, the Scaly Pokemon is strong in defense. The Pokemon has poor Sp. ATK and this doesn’t affect the Pokemon much as it gets enhanced defense with the Impish Nature trait. Jangmo-o has two evolution forms and lives in mountains.


The Poliwrath, water and fighting type generation 1 Pokemon is an all-rounder with excellent stats.  Poliwrath is known as the best swimmer and it excels in both crawl and breaststroke. Poliwrath has been the best attacker and it doesn’t need Sp. ATK to win battles.


Pokemon Buzzwole is a bug and fighting type Pokemon from Generation 7. Buzzwole is a beast Pokemon and has high atk and def. The  Buzzwole’s poor SP. ATK will only reduce with the Impish Nature feature and it doesn’t impact the unit’s powers. Buzzwole is one of the ultra beasts in the Pokemon universe and it appears in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Klinklang, the Steel-type Pokemon, is another strongest all-rounder. Known as the Gear Pokemon, Klinklang, inflicts heavy damage from all ranges. The red core generates powers and rotates all sides and attacks enemies.


The Rock-type Pokemon doesn’t depend on its low Sp. ATK as it has high AtK and Def. With special skills like Rattled and Rock Head, Sudowoodo can dominate battles. This is another best Pokemon with the Impish Nature trait.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Impish Nature trait and effects. In the Pokemon franchise, nature trait plays a crucial role in battles. Just like Hardy Nature, Impish Nature is a primary trait for many units in the game.


Is Impish Nature Pokemon Strong?

Yes, Pokemon with the impish trait are excellent defenders and these Pokemon can tussle against bosses in solo. But one of the stats will reduce while you enter the battle.

What’s the Strategy to Win Pokemon Boss Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

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