What’s a Hardy Nature Pokemon? Do these Pokemon receive bonus stats? Find out everything.

In the Pokemon Universe, there are thousands of Pokemon in the Pokedex. Trainers use different types of Pokemon for raids and utilize their skills. There are different types of evolution, unique features, skills and traits for Pokemon. Nature is a mechanic that reduces and increases stats for a Pokemon. There are different types of nature in Pokemon games. Hardy is one among many nature traits in the Pokemon franchise. 

Unlike other nature traits, the Hardy nature doesn’t increase or decrease a Pokemon’s stats. Hardy is a neutral nature and this helps Pokemon players to increase their stats equally. Pokémon with nature traits also like and dislike some flavors. But these hardy nature Pokemon likes all types of berries and pokéblocks. In the Pokedex, there are many hardy nature Pokemon with equal stats. Here’s all about hardy nature Pokemon and the best units from this type.

Hardy Nature Pokemon 

Hardy Nature Pokemon

The Hardy Nature was introduced from Generation 3 Pokemon games. Some Pokemon with nature like adamant nature will have likes and dislikes towards flavors, but the Hardy nature doesn’t belong to this. The advantage of hardy nature Pokemon is they like all types of flavors like spicy, sour, dry, bitter and sweet.

Hardy nature Pokemon also have special skills and some of these Pokemon can evolve as well. Their stats remain the same and there will not be any boosted stats like other Pokemon. Pokemon with Hardy nature also have ditto forms.

Top 3 Hardy Nature Pokemon


The steel and psychic Pokemon from Generation 3 has equal stats. Be it attack, speed, hp, or defense the Pokemon’s stats remain the same. Jirachi makes wishes come true and is also awakened by a song. The best skill for this Pokemon is Serene Grace and it boosts the secondary effects of all skills.


The Ice-type Pokemon from Generation 3 lived thousands of years in snowfall regions. Snorunt is a good counter for PvP battles and the Pokemon survives by eating snow and ice. The history of Snorunt suggests homes visited by this Pokemon will prosper.  Moody and Ice Body are the top skills for this hardy nature Pokemon.


The water and dragon type Pokemon from Generation 2 is an all-rounder. Kingdra has a special skill that lets the Pokemon create whirlpools by yawning. Kingdra hides in underwater caves and stays in ocean depths. The Sniper ability increases the crit powers for the Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about Hardy Nature Pokemon. These secrets of Umbreon Pokemon will surprise you.


Does Hardy Nature Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, these types of Pokemon evolve as well and can be used for raids and boss battles.

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