What’s an Egg Incubator in Palworld? Can you breed eggs from the Egg Incubator? Find out everything about this structure.

In Palworld, your entire journey is with Pals. These companions help you at the base, farms and ranch. You can tame Pals and capture them before assigning them for a job. With two pals, you can breed another Pal. But to do this, you have to unlock an essential structure from the technology tree. The Egg Incubator is a primary structure that’s used to breed Pals and hatch eggs.

Palworld players can unlock Egg Incubator with Ancient Technology Points after reaching the Tier Level 7. But you also have to farm other resources to craft the structure. Egg Incubator is essential to hatch eggs in Palworld. Here’s all about Palworld Egg Incubator, Breeding Guide and ways to unlock new Pals.

How to Unlock Egg Incubator in Palworld?

Palworld Egg Incubator
Ancient Technology Points

The first step is to accumulate ancient technology points that can be done easily by defeating Alpha Pals in the wild.  After reaching Tier 7 in the tech tree lab, you will unlock the Egg Incubator. There are some requirements to unlock Egg Incubator in Palworld. Here are all resources to make the structure.

  • x10 Paldium Fragment
  • x30 Stone
  • x5 Cloth
  • x2 Ancient Civilization Parts

What’s the Fastest Way to Get an Egg Incubator in Palworld ?

There’s no secondary way to unlock the Egg Incubator structure. The only and fastest way to unlock the Egg Incubator is to collect Ancient Technology Points and reach the Tier 7 in the Tech Lab by defeating Alpha Pals and Bosses.

Palworld Breeding Guide – Best Pals to Hatch from Eggs

With an Egg Incubator, you can Hatch Eggs. You have to unlock the Breeding Farm and breed pals to unlock an egg. A male and female pal can be placed inside the Egg Incubator. You can set  the duration from the timer and complete breeding. You can hatch eggs to unlock many pals including a legendary Pal as well.

  • Surfent
  • Direhowl
  • Cawgnito
  • Chillet
  • Dazzi
  • Digtoise
  • Swee
  • Rooby

In Palworld, there are many types of eggs like Scorching, Rock, Electric, Damp, Common and Verdant. Every type of egg hatches different types of Pals. With the breeding farm, cake and egg incubator, you can add 2 pals and unlock a new Pal.

Can you Breed Legendary Pals in Palworld?

Yes, breeding is the only source for legendary pals in Palworld. You can breed legendary pals or hatch them from large eggs. Frostallion Noct and Jetragon are the most skilful legendary pals with the best skills in their kit.

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld Egg Incubator, legendary pals and breeding. The XP Glitch helps you unlock unlimited experience points.


How to Get Technology Points in Palworld?

In Palworld, technology points are important to level up in the tech tier. You can beat bosses, level up your characters, open treasure chests and complete quests to get them.

Is It Essential to Unlock Higher Tiers in the Tech Tree?

Yes, the Palworld tech tree features important resources, equipment and materials. With technology points and xp, you can reach higher levels in the tech tree. The tech tree helps you unlock new weapons. Completing dungeons is another best way to progress in the tech tree.

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