This Urshifu Build is Unstoppable in Pokémon Unite!

Does Urshifu build make it a powerful All-rounder in Pokemon Unite? What are the best moves for Urshifu? Scroll down and find everything.

In Pokemon Unite, the strategy to get the best build is to add all types of units to your squad along with the powerful movesets and battle items. An all-rounder, attacker and supporter makes the best team for ranked leagues. Urshifu is a top-rated All-Rounder that excels in melee battles. Players can unlock the Urshifu card for 12,000 Aeos Coins and 575 Aeos Gems.

Urshifu excels in all roles and its only weakness is support. Having a mighty all-rounder helps you dominate the ranked battles in the game. Urshifu goes well with supporters and healers. With the strongest skills and held items, you can get the best build for the Pokemon. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Urshifu build, movesets and battle items.

Pokemon Unite Urshifu Build 

Pokemon unite Urshifu build

You can choose movesets while attacking opposition Pokemon. In Pokemon Unite, you can swap movesets and use them frequently throughout the game.

  • Inner Focus – Duration of Hindrance effects will be minimum
  • Unseen Fist – Attacking a Pokemon with a shield effect pierces through the shield and deals massive damage
  • Rock Smash – Generates power and charges a powerful punch
  • Wicked Blow – Lands a powerful strike and blows the opposite Pokemon
  • Ebon Fist – Dashes in the designated directions and shoves targets and deals damage
  • Headbutt – Charges in the direction, deals damage and stuns opposite Pokemon
  • Throat Chop – Dashes the targets and makes enemies unable to act for a short time. The basic attack turns into a boosted attack

Pokemon Unite Urshifu Battle Items 

  • Goal-Getter – This battle item increases the scoring rate and doubles the chance
  • X Speed – The movement speed gets increased for Urshifu
  • Slow Smoke Releases a cloud of smoke and stuns targets and reduces their movement speed

Pokemon Unite Urshifu Held Items

Held items are primary battle items and players can use three held items in their slots 

  • Buddy Barrier – With this held items, you can use Urshifu’s unite move and the Pokemon with the lowest hp will be given a shield. It also increases HP by +600 for self
  • Sp. Atk Specs – Score a goal to boost the Sp. Atk
  • Exp. Share – Pokemon with low exp points, will get exp more passive points. Hp and Movement speed will also increase

Pokemon Unite Urshifu Counters

Urshifu’s poor support and scoring rate make it weaker against several units. Here are the worst and best counters of Urshifu,

  • Urshifu’s Best Counters –  Buzzwole, Greninja, Hoopa, Dragapult
  • Urshifu’s Poor Counters – Inteleon, Talonflame, Leafeon,Glaceon

That’s everything you need to know about getting the best build for Urshifu in Pokemon Unite. With the meta tier list, you can dominate the ranked leagues in the game.


What are Held Items?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

Does Pokemon Unite Tier List Help?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

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