Roblox Murder Mine Guide – Good Ending and Bad Ending

In this Roblox Murder Mine walkthrough, we will see the perilous depths of the mine, deftly evading deadly traps, and unraveling intricate puzzles. We will guide you through both, good and bad endings.

The world of Roblox Murder Mine presents a hauntingly immersive gaming experience, casting you into a foreboding mine teeming with danger and concealed enigmas. This walkthrough guide will take you through each step of your journey, giving valuable tips and tricks to outwit the murderous enemy, amass rare artifacts, and ultimately emerge as the revered hero of Murder Mine. 

Roblox Murder Mine Good Ending

To get a good ending in Roblox Murder Mine, diligently follow the step-by-step instructions provided below from the moment you initiate the game.

Step 1: Locating the Key

Upon entering the game, your first objective is to search your surroundings and acquire a key. This key will prove invaluable shortly when you encounter a padlocked area that requires unlocking. The key in Murder Mine Roblox can be discovered either upstairs in one of the houses or within the wooden seat of an abandoned bathroom. Once obtained, use the key to unlock the padlock on a nearby door.

Step 2: Journey to the Elevator

Since your primary goal in the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough is to reach the mine itself, you must make your way to the elevator. Follow these precise steps to access the Mine’s elevator:

Upon entering the house and unlocking the padlock, you will encounter a puzzle consisting of wooden boards. Tread lightly on each board until all but one collapses. Repeat this process for the subsequent set of boards and navigate through the puzzle. Proceed until you stumble upon a fuse board adorned with switches on your left-hand side. To successfully solve the puzzle, flip the switches in the following order: right, left, right, right, left.

Exit the house and locate a conspicuous red button. Depress the button to raise the shutter guarding the entrance to the Mine’s elevator. Pass through the doors and ascend the stairs to remove the obstruction impeding the elevator’s mechanism. Descend back down and step into the Mine’s elevator, thereby entering the mine itself.

Step 3: Clearing the Path within the Mine

In the subsequent phase of the Murder Mine Roblox walkthrough, you must rectify the damaged rail tracks and eliminate any obstacles obstructing your path within the mine. To achieve this, attentively execute the following actions throughout the mine:

  • Collect any wooden planks you encounter.
  • Gather explosives or dynamite along your journey.
  • Retrieve missing rail tracks necessary for repairing the broken sections of the tracks.
  • Notice an axe lodged in the body of an ailing station master. Retrieve the axe from the floor.

Upon entering the mine, activate the lever near the trolley to set it in motion. Traverse the mine’s labyrinthine corridors until you reach a table adorned with various tools. Acquire the screwdriver from this table. Proceed to encounter several mesh doors that necessitate unscrewing, which can be accomplished using the recently acquired screwdriver.

Near the mesh door leading to Norman’s Domain, you will locate the trolley. Place the collected explosives inside the trolley, activate the lever, and initiate the explosion. Subsequently, navigate through the mine until you encounter a wooden maze resembling the following pattern:

Step 4: Go through the Maze

Go through the maze, and you will arrive at a doorway obscured by planks. Use the axe you acquired to break through the obstruction. Await the arrival of the bridge and cautiously traverse it. Shortly thereafter, you will confront a perilous puzzle equipped with swift blades. Go through the puzzle and ascend the wooden planks, leading you to a room containing a table replete with various tools. Acquire the blue drill from this table, as it will prove indispensable in your escape from the mine.

Once the drill is secured, retrace your steps through the treacherous puzzle and return across the bridge. Proceed through the mine’s corridor until you encounter a wall featuring an on-and-off switch. Activate the switch and utilize the drill to unscrew the door, thereby opening the mesh door leading to the wooden plank pathway. Utilize the wooden planks you have gathered to complete the path. Cross the path, and freedom from the mine shall be within your grasp.

Step 5: Overcoming Radioactive Spiders & Webs

Upon successfully going through the wooden planks, you shall find yourself immersed in the treacherous realm of radioactive spiders within the Roblox Murder Mine. Your mission now entails mending severed wires, eradicating intricate webs, and discovering an escape route from the spiders’ den. Perform the following actions to progress:

  • Repair any severed wires encountered throughout the cave.
  • Within the spider webs, locate containers of gasoline and petroleum gel.
  • Return to the starting point of the cave, where you will discover a table equipped with an on-and-off switch and a peculiar machine. Pour the contents of the containers into the designated receptacle. Activate the machine’s switch and subsequently collect the combustible mixture it generates.
  • Use this potent flammable mixture to incinerate all webs within the cave. Once this task is completed, ensure all severed wires have been properly repaired.
  • Locate a switch near a fleeing spider near a corpse clutching a pickaxe. Retrieve the pickaxe from the lifeless body. Progress through the cave until you encounter a wall obstructing your path. Use the recently acquired pickaxe to carve a route through the obstruction. Your next destination lies beyond the wall—venture forth.
Roblox Murder Mine
Roblox Murder Mine

Step 6: Discovering the Path to Freedom

To ultimately achieve the desired conclusion of the Roblox Murder Mine, you must go through a perilous gauntlet of tumbling boulders. Once you successfully evade these obstacles, a clear path shall materialize, leading you directly to the train that promises freedom. Board the train without hesitation to attain the long-awaited good ending within the Roblox Murder Mine.

Roblox Murder Mine Bad Ending

Within the alternate realm of the Roblox Murder Mine, the course of events is similar to that of the good ending. However, there is a little difference in the final moments. Regrettably, in the bad ending, the train departs without you, leaving you stranded and, ultimately, meeting an unfortunate demise.

Embark on your adventure with caution, and remain vigilant throughout your exploration of Roblox Murder Mine. By diligently following this walkthrough, you can achieve the good and bad endings. 

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