If you want to make the crystallized green potion then you must get the Disney Dreamlight Valley Green Potato as soon as possible.

Are you on a quest to obtain the Disney Dreamlight Valley Green Potato? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire this essential ingredient for brewing the Crystallized Green Potion. From unlocking a specific biome to completing mandatory quests and fostering friendships, we have you covered. 


Where to Find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Green Potato

To begin your journey towards obtaining the Disney Dreamlight Valley Green Potato, you must first acquire the Green Seed. The Green Seed can be obtained from the crystal ball located in the Herbalist Room. However, before you can access the Herbalist Room, there are a few tasks you need to fulfill.

  • Obtain all 16 Emerald Bottles and craft the Jade Crystal.
  • Complete the Simba’s Dreamlight Tree quest.
  • Achieve friendship level seven with Simba, your furry companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you have met these requirements, head to the Sunlit Plateau biome. In this enchanting realm, you will find the crystal ball in the secret Herbalist Room within Vitalys Mine. Interact with the crystal ball using the Jade Crystal to obtain the precious Green Seed.

Planting the Green Seed

With the Green Seed in hand, it’s time to find the ideal location to plant it and nurture the growth of your Green Potato. The designated biome for planting the Green Seed is the Forgotten Lands. Journey to this tranquil and mysterious realm, and prepare to witness the magic of nature unfold.

Growing the Green Potato

  1. Find a suitable spot within the Forgotten Lands biome.
  2. Carefully plant the Green Seed in the fertile soil.
  3. Exercise patience as the Green Potato takes approximately 1-2 hours to grow.

Optionally, you can use the Miracle Growth Elixir to expedite the growth process. However, be aware that serums can sometimes introduce bugs and glitches that may interfere with quest-related seeds.

Brewing the Crystallized Green Potion

Once your Green Potato has fully matured, it’s time to unlock its potential by crafting the Crystallized Green Potion. This mystical potion holds immense power and can aid you in your adventures within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To brew the Crystallized Green Potion, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Green Potato
  • Jade Crystal
  • Empty vial

Gather these items and find a suitable brewing station. Combine the Green Potato, Jade Crystal, and an empty vial, following the proper proportions and brewing techniques. Exercise caution and precision to ensure the successful concoction of the Crystallized Green Potion.



Congratulations on unlocking the secrets of acquiring the Disney Dreamlight Valley Green Potato. Through our guide, you have learned the necessary steps to obtain the Green Seed, plant it in the Forgotten Lands biome, and brew the Crystallized Green Potion. 

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