You will need the Roblox Funky Friday codes to unlock cool stuff like the radio emote and boombox animation.

Funky Friday, released on February 26, 2021, is a competitive rhythm game in which two players compete on stage in the style of Dance Dance Revolution. The game sets up like a rap fight, with each participant having to synchronize their directional arrows to the music, resulting in some frantic and precise bouts. The person who earns the highest score wins the round. Lyte Interactive came up with the idea for Funky Friday. It’s influenced by Friday Night Funkin’.

Roblox Funky Friday has become a hugely popular game despite its simplicity. To put it simply, Funky Friday is Dance Dance Revolution mixed with Roblox. Funky Friday, like other Roblox games, has its mechanism of code redemption. Players may use them to obtain free stuff and in-game cash (Points). It may be a terrific method to get new animations and emotes to spice up a player’s stage performance. Here are all the Roblox Funky Friday codes that are currently active.

Roblox Funky Friday Codes, December 2021 (Image credit: Roblox)

Roblox Funky Friday codes

Below are all the Roblox Funky Friday codes. Players should redeem these codes as soon as possible since they tend to expire very quickly. Here is the list of codes:

  • 1YEARSCOOP—Redeem for the One Year Scoop Microphone
  • 1YEARFUNKY—Redeem for 1k Points
  • 2v2!!—Redeem for Sakuroma Microphone
  • 1BILCHEESE – Get Funky Cheese Animation by redeeming this code.
  • CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU – Get Cheese Microphone by redeeming this code. (NEW)
  • 9keyishere – Get 500 Points by redeeming this code.
  • MILLIONLIKES – Get radio emote by redeeming this code.
  • 100kactive – Get 250 Points by redeeming this code.
  • Halfbillion – Get 500 Points by redeeming this code.
  • smashthatlikebutton – Get 300 Points by redeeming this code.
  • 250M – Get 250 Points by redeeming this code.
  • 1MILFAVS – Boombox Animation by redeeming this code.
  • 100M – Get 500 Points by redeeming this code.
  • 19DOLLAR – Get RickRoll animation by redeeming this code.

How to redeem the codes

To redeem a valid code, players must sign in to Roblox and launch Funky Friday:

  • Step 1: Locate the menu icons in the top-left corner of the screen. Click the Twitter icon.
  • Step 2: Type the Funky Friday code into the text box that appears on the Codes menu.
  • Step 3: Click on Redeem.

Funky Friday is a rhythm-based game that players should attempt. Funky Friday is all about rhythm, timing, and music, taking a page from Dance Dance Revolution. Music notes will display on the screen, and players must press the appropriate button to keep the music and rhythm flowing.

If you do not enter the code exactly as it appears, you may not get a response. As additional codes become available, we will keep you updated. You never know when these might expire, so redeem them as soon as possible!

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