Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

Are you facing difficulties in solving the Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish quest? Do not worry because our guide will help you.

In the world of Lost Ark, obtaining rare materials can be a tiring task, but fear not. Completing quests is a surefire way to boost your arsenal. With a bunch of quests available in Lost Ark, players will find themselves busy traversing the game’s vast and immersive world.

One quest that stands out from the rest is Fragrance and Fish. It offers much-needed resources that are essential to players’ progression. Not only is the quest rewarding, but it also serves as an excellent opportunity for players to hone their skills and gain valuable experience.

Completing Fragrance and Fish is no easy feat, but it’s worth the effort. The quest requires players to embark on a journey to gather rare ingredients, including the Fish of Fragrance. Once players have obtained all the necessary materials, they must craft a powerful elixir that will aid them in their adventures.


How to Start Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest

In order to embark on the Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark, players must first set sail to Panda Island. It is a location situated north of Anikka and east of Pleccia.

Upon arrival at Panda Island, players will encounter two non-playable characters, or NPCs. They are Puppa in the northern area and Chungshu in the eastern area. It’s essential for players to head towards Chungshu, as they are the ones who will offer the Fragrance and Fish quest to the players. You can see it in the image above.

Once players have accepted the quest, they will be directed to read a mysterious Stone Tablet. This will provide them with vital information about the quest’s objectives. To progress further, players must visit three secret locations. Each of these locations presents unique challenges and obstacles that players must overcome to obtain the necessary ingredients.

Players are advised to make use of their mounts. It will help them traverse the vast distances between the quest’s locations swiftly. Players must be cautious during their travels, as the game’s world is filled with danger. They may encounter enemies or other players looking to disrupt their progress.

First Hidden Location

The first of these hidden locations is “behind a Stone Lantern.” This elusive Stone Lantern is located northeast of Chungshu and can be found by following the path beyond the dead end on the world map. Once players have reached the Stone Lantern, they should continue down the path until they encounter an NPC who will provide further instructions.

Second Hidden Location

The second secret area, known as “past the panda,” is located on the western side of Panda Island. Players will need to keep a sharp eye out for a lone panda cub near some trees. Once players have located the cub, they should proceed deeper into the woods to uncover the next part of the quest. This area presents its own unique challenges, so players must be prepared to face whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Final Hidden Location

The last and final secret location in the Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish quest is to the south of the panda cub that led players to the second hidden area. However, to access this secret area, players will need to make use of jumping. Once players have successfully done the required jump, they will enter the final secret location. This will bring them one step closer to completing the Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish quest.

Upon arriving at the final secret area, players will face their toughest challenge yet. There will be obstacles and enemies standing between them and the quest’s completion. Players must use their wits and combat skills to overcome these obstacles and progress toward the quest’s end.

As players progress through each of these secret locations, they will encounter various puzzles, enemies, and obstacles that require a combination of strategy and skill to overcome. Players must be vigilant and use all the tools at their disposal, including mounts and weapons, to progress through each area successfully.


Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Rewards 

The rewards for completing the Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish quest make the effort well worth it. Players will receive x12 Epic Splendid Shard Chest M, 6x Epic Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest, 22x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest, 8,273 Silver, and 405 Experience. These rewards are highly sought-after and can aid players in their future endeavors. This is why this quest is a valuable experience for any Lost Ark player seeking to improve their character’s strength and resources.

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