Want to know how to get the Valheim Eitr? This resource is very useful for players in the game. Therefore it is a must for all.

In Valheim, Eitr is a valuable resource. Players can use it in two different ways. First as a crafting material for powerful mythical armor and weapons. Secondly, use it as a stat-boosting consumable that can be obtained by consuming foods infused with Eitr.

Refined Eitr is a key component in the creation of some of the game’s most formidable equipment. Crafted by refining raw Eitr through a process that involves the use of various materials, refined Eitr can be used to create weapons and armor that offer exceptional damage output and defense.


But Eitr’s benefits aren’t limited to just crafting. When consumed, Eitr-infused foods will provide a temporary boost to various player stats, including health, stamina, and speed. However, these boosts will wear off over time and the Eitr stats will need to be regenerated. You can speed up this process by wearing armor made with Valheim Eitr. This is because the material’s regenerative properties will synergize with the wearer’s natural healing abilities to speed up the process. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Valheim Eitr.

How to get the Valheim Eitr

Valheim has quickly become one of the most popular games. One of the most important resources in the game is Eitr, which can be used for both crafting and stat-boosting purposes. In order to harness the full power of Eitr, players must first understand how to obtain it and use it effectively. Continue reading below to know how to get Valheim Eitr.

Consuming foods

One of the easiest ways to get Eitr in Valheim is by consuming certain foods that have been infused with the substance. Stuffed Mushrooms, Yggdrasil Porridge, Seeker Aspic, and Minor Eitr Mead are all examples of consumables that can provide Eitr stats when eaten. These foods can be prepared using a variety of ingredients that can be found throughout the game world, making them accessible to players at all stages of the game.


Obtaining Valheim Eitr stats through food consumption is a relatively straightforward process. However, the process of crafting Refined Eitr is a bit more involved. Refined Eitr is a key ingredient in some of the most powerful weapons and armor in the game, making it a valuable resource for players who are looking to gain an edge in combat. To craft Refined Eitr, players must first collect Sap using a Sap Extractor. This process involves placing the extractor on a tree and waiting for it to slowly fill with sap over time. Once enough Sap has been collected, it can be used in the Eitr Refinery to produce Refined Eitr.

The Valheim Eitr Refinery is a crafting station that can be built by players who have unlocked the necessary materials and recipes. Once the Refinery has been constructed, players can begin the process of converting Sap into Refined Eitr. This process requires players to add Sap to the Refinery and then use a fuel source to heat it up. Once the Sap has been heated to the appropriate temperature, it will transform into Refined Eitr that can be used for crafting purposes.

How to Craft Sap Extractor

Sap can be used to create a variety of items and structures that can help players on their journey. In order to obtain sap, players must first craft a sap extractor, which requires a number of specific materials and a bit of planning. To craft a sap extractor in Valheim, players will need 10 Yggdrasil Woods, 5 Black Metal, one Dvergr Extractor, and one Work Bench. 

Yggdrasil Woods

Yggdrasil Woods can be obtained by chopping down Yggdrasil trees, which can be found throughout the game world. These trees are often found in clusters and are easily identifiable by their distinct appearance. Players will have to gather 10 Yggdrasil Woods.

Black Metal

Black Metal is another key ingredient in the sap extractor recipe, and can be obtained as a drop from Fulings. Fulings are aggressive humanoid creatures that can be found in certain biomes throughout the game world. They are known for their formidable strength and their ability to drop valuable items, including Black Metal. Players will need to defeat a number of Fulings in order to gather the 5 pieces of Black Metal needed to craft the sap extractor.


Dvergr Extractor

Once players have collected the necessary materials, they will need to craft a Dvergr Extractor. Players can find it in Dvergr villages. Dvergr are dwarven creatures that can be found in underground areas throughout the game world. They are known for their craftsmanship and their ability to craft advanced items and structures. To obtain a Dvergr Extractor, players will need to explore these villages and search for one that contains the necessary crafting materials.

Craft sap extractor to get Valheim Eitr

Once players have gathered all of the necessary materials, they will be ready to craft the sap extractor. The final step in the process is to locate a glowing green Yggdrasil Root. Players can find it scattered throughout the game world. Once players have located one of these roots, they will receive a notification that says “The ancient root is pulsating with energy.” This is a sign that the root can be used to create sap.

To craft the sap extractor, players will need to place the Work Bench and the sap extractor on it. Once the sap extractor has been placed, it will begin collecting sap over time. This sap can then be used in the Eitr Refinery to create Refined Valheim Eitr.

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