Is Palworld Actually a Horror Game? These 5 Pals Say YES!

Is Palworld a horror game? What’s the genre of Palworld? Which Palworld Pals look creepy? Find out everything.

Palworld is one of the best survival and crafting adventure games. The game has made record-breaking sales and has top-notch features and unique mechanics. The Palworld content is fresh where players explore the open world Palpagos Island with companions called Pals and craft resources to survive. The Paldeck is the home for all Pals that also feature more than 100 pals.

Palworld was compared with Pokemon games as the cute little pals resemble many Pokemon. Some Pals are cute and some look scary. The scary Pals in Paldeck made fans believe Palworld is actually a horror game. In Palworld, some pals look like a vampire and have evil skills. Here are Pals that prove the Palworld  game belongs to the horror genre.

Is Palworld a Horror Survival Game?

Palworld is not a horror game. But some pals in Palworld possess vampiric skills and are hard to beat. Here are top 5 Pals with scary and uncanny appearance,


Incineram is a monstrous pal that looks menacing with its appearance. With sharp claws and scary horns, it’s one of the dangerous pals in Palworld. Incineram is a fire and dark type Pal and one of the best pals with the kindling skill. Incineram’s rage makes it a fiery unit and it doesn’t show mercy to those poor souls.



Galeclaw looks like a vulture and is a creepy Pal in Palworld. Taming a Galeclaw is a remarkable challenge as these Pals spawn in groups. Players have to utilize explosive tools to capture a Galeclaw. The best trick is to tame a Galeclaw while it’s eating. Galeclaw hunts throughout the day and it will start to scavenge its prey after killing them.


The ghost like Pal looks intimidating. Maraith is fearless and roams at night. Maraith will disappear during the day and players have to be tentative while catching it as it uses a special skill and attacks its enemies. Players who catch Maraith will receive Small Pal Soul and Bone.


The appearance of Felbat is uncanny as it’s a bipedal humanoid and animal. Felbat’s wings look huge and horrific. Felbat traps enemies in its wings and attacks them. The pal can attack others from its shadow. Players have to deploy a unique strategy to trap and capture this Pal in the game.


Palworld game
Pal Killamari

Killamari is a purple colored squid Pal. Killamari has a ghost-like body and will be lethal to its enemies. This pal traps enemies by wrapping it on their heads completely and sucks their blood. Killamari Pals are only found inside dungeons and this nocturnal Pal is highly dangerous. By knowing its weakness from the matchup charts, you can tame Killamari.

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld game genre, horror Pals and nature. Frostallion Noct is one of the strongest Pals for the starting phase of the game.


How to Unlock Palworld Kindling Skills?

You can capture fire-type Pals to unlock the Kindling skills. Pals with Kindling skills can be assigned to the kitchen and primitive furnace. These Pals are also ideal for making campfire and mining ores. Kindling Pals are the strongest attacking units in Palworld.

Can you Use Palworld Mods?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

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