Why have Pokemon remakes been successful? What’s the upcoming Pokemon remake games? Find out the latest updates.

The Pokemon gaming series has been successful over the years. Since the launch of Pocket Red and Green, there have been numerous Pokemon games over the years. Pokèmon games are based on Anime shows and previous games. Pokemon games have a unique storyline that takes place in different locations. 

Every Pokemon game has species from different generations. In Pokemon games, trainers travel together with their Pokemon and complete tasks like catching Pokémon. Pokemon games were initially launched for PC. But over the years, developers are launching Pokemon games for consoles and mobile as well. The success of a Pokemon game makes way for spinoffs, sequels and remakes.

Remake games are remastered versions of games that were launched a decade back. Pokemon remake games have had more success than the original versions. There are various reasons for the success of Pokemon remake games, but not all games are successful when it comes to story and features and this is where creators fail. Some Pokemon remake games have become the best and some have failed badly.

Pokemon Remakes & Successful Journey

Pokemon remakes sell like hot cakes and there have been many reasons for the same. Fans have always wondered how remake editions are successful even with poor features and stories. Some Pokemon remake games have made mind-blowing sales, but they have received largely negative response when compared to the original Pokemon games.

Pokemon remakes

Pokemon remake games have earned in billions and the main reason is that they are getting launched for new consoles and multiple platforms. When a game gets released for multiple platforms, it’s already a success. The other reason for the success of Pokemon remakes is new stories, improved gameplay, best visuals and bonus content.

Pokemon remake games also have PvP, PvE and more multiplayer features. The matchmaking and gameplay have been better in some of the remakes. Some games create a huge buzz with announcements and trailers. This is the success mantra for Pokemon remake games. Also, developers add DLC frequently to keep fans engaged thoroughly.

A Pokemon remake game sells more copies as players wish to go back in time and relive their old memories again. Players wish to experience nostalgia and magical moments that they experienced during their childhood. Old Pokemon games bring magic memories and they are still fresh. These are the ‘X’ factors that motivate and prompt creators of Pokemon to come up with remastered editions of old games.

A Pokemon remake game has updated visuals, new content and improved features. The gameplay will be smooth and fast. In some Pokemon remake editions, there will be new genres like puzzle, digital pet and card-battler. All these make Pokemon remakes successful and one of the top grossing in the gaming industry.

Which Are the Best Pokemon Remake Games?

Some Pokemon remakes are highly successful and some have been a failure due to mediocre response and features. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, and  Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee are the best and most successful Pokemon games of all-time. 

What’s the next Pokemon Remake game?

Generation 5 and Generation 6 Pokemon games will get their remakes soon. As of now, there’s no immediate release for a remake game. But Pokemon Black and White will be the new and next remake version from the Pokemon video game franchise


Are Pokemon Remake Games Better than Originals?

Some Pokemon remake games have better features and content than original games. Pokemon remastered games undergo major rework before they are launched. A couple of remakes have been better than original games.

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