Do you know Pokemon with complex evolution lines? Some Pokemon in the Pokedex have multiple evolutions and it can be tricky to evolve them. Scroll down and find more.

In Pokemon games, players can explore the wild and urban regions with their favorite Pokemon. Every Pokemon has powers from different elements and some Pokemon are dual-type. As you complete battles with a Pokemon, you can evolve them into another stage. Pokemon have one form, two forms and multiple forms. The multiple evolution of Pokemon can be challenging and confusing as players have to be tentative while completing the branched evolution for these units.

The evolution term is common in Pokemon games. A Pokemon in its evolution form can be stronger and weaker at the same time. As the Pokedex has more than 1000 Pokemon from all generations and regions, some evolution can be complex. Pokèmon like Eevee has multiple forms and these evolution lines can be tricky for trainers. Pokemon with complex evolution can be effective in battles and raids. Here are the 9 best Pokemon with complex evolution lines.

9 Pokemon with Complex Evolution Lines 


The Generation 8 electric and poison type Pokemon can be evolved to Toxtricity. What’s special about Toxel evolution is it transforms to two different forms of same species based on its nature. At level 30, trainers can evolve Toxel into Toxtricity based on its nature. Toxel evolves into Amped Toxtricity and Low Key Toxtricity. Toxel is one of the rare baby Pokemon with multiple evolution lines.


Poliwag is a water type generation 1 Pokemon. Though its evolution is complicated, players have started evolving poliwag to unleash its best form. At level 25, Poliwag evolves to Poliwhirl. With Poliwhirl, you can unlock another 2 forms. By using a Water Stone, Poliwhirl evolves to Poliwrath. You can trade Poliwhirl holding the King’s Rock item to get the final form, Politoed.


Goomy is a part of the Pokemon complex evolution lines. The dragon type generation 6 Pokemon evolves to Sliggoo and Hisuian Sliggoo at level 40. Sliggoo again evolves to Goodra and Hisuian Goodra during rain weather. The evolution may seem difficult, but a Pokemon like Goodra is always a top-tier counter.


Kirlia is a psychic and fairy type Pokemon from Generation 3. Kirlia evolves from Ralts and it gets boosted stats at higher friendship levels. Kirlia evolves to Gardevoir once you reach level 30. It also evolves to Gallade with a Dawn Stone.


Burmy has been disliked for its poor stats. The bug type Pokemon was launched in Generation 4 and has a complicated evolution line. A level 20 male burmy evolves to Mothim. The other evolution forms can be confusing and here’s how Burmy evolves,

  • Level 20 female Burmy evolves to Wormadam (Plant Cloak) in grassy areas
  • Level 20 female Burmy evolves to Wormadam (Sandy Cloak) in caves
  • Level 20 female Burmy evolves to Wormadam (Trash Cloak) in areas with buildings


The evolution chart of Wurmple Pokemon might seem like a tangled thread. Wurmple, the bug type Generation 3 Pokemon evolves into multiple forms. Here’s the evolution line for Wurmple,

  • Wurmple evolves to Silcoon and Cascoon at level 7 based on its personality
  • Silcoon evolves to Beautifly at level 10
  • Cascoon evolves to Dustox at level 10


The steel-type robot like Pokemon debuted in gen 7 Pokemon games. Melmetal evolves from Meltan for 400 Meltan candies. Melmetal doesn’t have another evolution, but players have to toil hard and earn many candies to complete the evolution.

Mime Jr

Complex evolution Pokemon

The Psychic and Fairy Pokemon from Generation 4 belongs to the Pokemon complex evolution list. Mime JR can evolve in Galar and other regions as well. The evolution for Mime Jr. are,

  • Mime Jr evolves to Mr. Mime after learning mimic (outside galar)
  • Mime Jr evolves to Mr. Mime (Ice and Psychic) after learning mimic (inside galar)
  • Galarian Mr. Mime (Ice and Psychic) evolves to Mr. Rime at level 42


Ever since the debut of Eevee, the Pokemon world has witnessed more evolution forms. Eevee Pokemon made way for terms like branched evolution, Multi-Staged evolution, Eevelution and complex evolution. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon from Generation 1 and here is the evolution line for Eevee.

  • Eevee – Vaporeon (Stones & Candies)
  • Eevee – Jolteon (Stones & Candies)
  • Eevee – Flareon (Stones & Candies)
  • Eevee – Espeon (High friendship during the day)
  • Eevee – Umbreon (High friendship at night)
  • Eevee – Leafeon (Use Leaf Stone or complete the evolution near a Mossy Rock)
  • Eevee – Glaceon (Use Ice Stone or complete the evolution near an Ice Rock)
  • Eevee – Sylveon ( Learn Fairy type moves, High friendship)

These 9 Pokemon have the most complex evolution lines from the Pokedex. Every Pokemon evolution has a prelude and you can match them to complete and unlock their final forms for battles. Pokemon with complex evolution forms have both good and weaker units.


Can you Use Complex Evolution Pokemon for Battles?

Complex evolution Pokemon forms can be used for raids just like normal Pokemon. Some of these Pokemon have higher skills, combat powers and stats.

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