What’s Pokemon Go Ghost in the Machine Real? Can you unlock Rotom and Shiny Rotom? Find out everything.

Trainers of Pokemon Go have a chance to up their game with new special research tasks and rewards. As the Lucky Egg feature has been added, you can catch Pokemon and claim unlimited XP and increase friendship levels. The new World of Wonders season has plenty of field research tasks and five-star raids. By completing raids, you can unlock the Poipole Pokemon as well.

The Sinnoh Tour event is live and allows trainers to encounter rare Pokemon in the wild. You can add Rotom Pokemon  by decrypting a code through the “Ghost in the Machine”, a hidden timed research task from the Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour event. Here’s all about Pokemon Go ghost in the machine real code, tasks, mystery Pokemon and rewards.

Pokemon Go Ghost in the Machine Real 2024


Rotom spawns in the Rose Bowl Stadium, LA and there’s only one way to catch the Pokemon. Trainers can catch a Shiny Rotom in the wild as well. With the secret code, you can unlock the Rotom encounter. Here’s the code that you can use to decipher the mystery Pokemon from Ghost in the Machine task of Pokemon Go,

  • Explore the website store.pokemongolive.com
  • Find the secret code tab from the Offer Redemption Tab
  • Login with your Pokemon Go credentials and unlock Rotom by redeeming the secret code “0HY0UF0UNDM3”

With this code, you will unlock the hidden timed research task. The goal is to catch 30 Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region. Once you complete the task, you will claim these rewards,

  • Rotom Encounter
  • x10 Candy
  • Stardust
  • XP

Is Rotom Good in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go ghost in the machine real
Pokemon Rotom

Rotom is a rare electric and ghost dual-type Pokemon. Rotom has 5 different forms including a Shiny Rotom. During Rain and Fog weather, Rotom gets a huge damage boost. This Generation 7 Sinnoh Pokemon is ideal for trainer battles and PvP raids. The best moves for Rotom are,

  • Thunderbolt – The electric type charge move attacks faster and deals more than 80 dps
  • Thunder Shock – Thunder Shock is an electric type fast move that deals explosive damage during the weather boost
  • Astonish – The ghost type fast move inflicts heavy damage and increases basic attacks for Rotom

Is Shiny Rotom Pokemon Available?

Yes, players can complete the Ghost in the Machine Real task and increase their chances of catching a Shiny Rotom. The chances of catching a Shiny form of Rotom will be 1/10 during the event. But you can complete snapshot tasks and unlock the other different forms of Rotom.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Ghost in the Real research task, mystery Rotom Pokemon and more. You can unlock the Prime Gaming Partner Research content and claim exclusive rewards and new counters as well.


Can you Get Double XP from Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go?

The Lucky Egg feature is added as a button in Pokemon Go. It will show once you increase friendship levels with Pokemon. You can either double your xp or continue with the available ones.

Is it Difficult to Beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga?

Origin Forme Dialga is a new variant of the legendary Dialga. The Pokemon is not available in a five-star raid through the Sinnoh Tour event in Pokemon Go. Origin Forme Dialga has plenty of moves and it also uses its powerful charged move, Roar of Move.

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