How to get Whetstone in V Rising

Want to know how to get V Rising Whetstone? Our guide will tell you everything about it so that you can get it easily.

V Rising requires the use of a very important item: the whetstone. This is required to build one of the most important production units, and this unit produces resources essential to your progress. It is possible that you will find it difficult to get this item at an early stage. Whetstone can be found in resources, or you can make it too.

V Rising includes many uses for the whetstone. However, its primary use is to craft the roof slabs for the base you will be building. Early in the game, you can only obtain a whetstone by searching in the world. It will take you several more missions to achieve the ability to craft your own whetstone. If you are wondering how to get V Rising Whetstone, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know.

V Rising gameplay
V Rising gameplay (YouTube)
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How to find V Rising Whetstone

If you want to find whetstones, Bandit Strongholds is the easiest and the best place to look. The yellow circles on the map indicate points of interest. There are a few Bandit Strongholds in the starting region of Farbane Woods. Keep in mind that not every point of interest is a Bandit Stronghold. In order to find Bandit Strongholds and other Bandit camps, you must head north a few hundred meters. Take out as many bandits as possible, because they can drop whetstones too.

Find Whetstones in bandits encampment
Bandits area gameplay (YouTube)

A number of lootable items will be scattered throughout the stronghold or camp. Generally, some whetstones can be found, but some locations may have a greater or lesser number of resources. In addition, there are other resources like paper, copper ore, and others. When you have whetstones in your inventory, you will be able to start crafting at your base. In order to access the recipe for the roof slabs, you must have completed the prerequisite missions.

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How to craft Whetstone

As we said in the beginning, you can craft whetstone on your own. You can craft using a Furnace. But, you will first need to unlock the recipe. In order to unlock the recipe, you will need to defeat Grayson The Armourer. Grayson The Armourer is a level 27 boss in V Rising who is can be found in the south of the Farbane Woods. You will gain the Crimson Aegis power and the ability to craft whetstones, statues, and workshop floors after defeating the boss.

You will need 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust to craft whetstone. These materials are easily available, so do not worry about them. Now you need to interact with the furnace inside your base and transfer both materials in it. That’s it. It will automatically start crafting your whetstone. Craft as many whetstones as you can and build up your castle like no one else.

V Rising gameplay
V Rising gameplay (YouTube)

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