Want to know how to get the FFXIV Soot Black Dye? This guide has different ways for you to get it. Read them all below.

Soot Black Dye is undoubtedly a highly coveted cosmetic item in the world of gaming. As one of the rarest and most exclusive black dyes available, it stands out from its peers which can be both costly and hard to come by. However, getting your hands on Soot Black isn’t a straightforward task either. 

Unlike other dyes that can be easily purchased from NPCs in the cities, Soot Black requires a bit more effort and strategy to acquire. So, if you’re wondering about the ways to add this elusive dye to your collection, here’s your guide on how to get the FFXIV Soot Black Dye.

Soot Black dye
Soot Black dye

How to Get FFXIV Soot Black Dye

There are several ways to get your hands on FFXIV Soot Black Dye. 

Crafting Your Own Soot Black Dye in FFXIV

Crafting your own Soot Black Dye can be a satisfying and cost-effective way to add this highly coveted cosmetic item to your collection. To create the dye, you’ll need to have a crafter at level 30 or above and either a Miner or Botanist at the same level.

If you have a Botanist, you can harvest Grey Pigment from trees in the Upper Paths area of South Shroud, located just outside Quarrymill. On the other hand, if you have a Miner, you can obtain Grey Pigment from rock nodes in the area to the right of Aleport in Western La Noscea.

To create Soot Black Dye, simply search for it in your Crafting Log and combine a single Grey Pigment. You can also obtain Grey Pigment by sending your retainer on Botany or Mining Exploration Ventures at level 28, where it’s a possible reward from a variety of desynthesized items. With a bit of effort and skill, you’ll soon be able to add Soot Black Dye to your collection without breaking the bank.

Complete Ixali quests

One of the most accessible routes is by completing the Ixali tribal quests. These crafting quests are part of the A Realm Reborn content and become available once you’ve completed the Main Scenario Quest called ‘In Pursuit of the Past.’ To unlock the Ixali quests, you’ll need to speak to Scarlet at New Gridania’s coordinates (9.9, 11.4) and accept the quest called ‘A Bad Bladder.’

Once you’ve started working on the Ixali quests, you can earn the coveted Soot Black Dye by reaching the Respected rank with the tribe and purchasing it from the Ixali Vendor for 216 gil each. To reach this esteemed reputation status, you’ll need to complete the daily quests available upon unlocking their Tribal quests. By completing the three daily quests, you can quickly increase your rank and buy the dye once you’ve finished the quest called ‘A Designer Job.’

Black dye
Black dye

Marketboard Option for Soot Black Dye in FFXIV

For those who have exhausted all other options and are still on the lookout for Soot Black Dye, there’s always the option of buying it from the Marketboard. This method is the simplest, but also the most expensive one, so it’s advisable to exercise caution with your gil wallet.

You can find Soot Black Dye listed on the Marketboard in any city, but expect to pay a premium price for it. The dye’s high demand and rarity make it a sought-after commodity, so be prepared to shell out a significant amount of gil to add it to your inventory.

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