In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Ruin Serpent in Genshin Impact. Beat the boss to get lots of rewards.

In the latest update of Genshin Impact that introduced us to the Chasm, there are lots of things to explore. You will be able to fight new enemies and get treasures and lots of other things. One of the new bosses you will find in the new update is the Ruin Serpent. 

The Ruin Serpent is an ancient autonomous machine. This machine was used and left behind a nation that is now destroyed. Don’t think that this machine was abandoned and that you can defeat it very easily. The gear system on its head can destroy the hardest rock in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Ruin Serpent in Genshin Impact.

Ruins serpent boss fight
Ruins Serpent boss fight gameplay (YouTube)
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Location of Ruin Serpent

After completing the entire Chasm Delvers questline, you will have access to the underground area of the Chasm. Inside you will find the Ruin Serpent near the Underground Mines of The Chasm.

Recommended Team to beat the Ruin Serpent

The Ruin Serpent is not a very difficult boss. Therefore, you can go with any team you wish. We suggest keeping Ganyu on your team for sure. If you want to end the fight quickly, then you can choose from the following:

  • Ganyu
  • Kamisato Ayaka
  • Diona
  • Tartaglia 
  • Benett
  • Venti
  • Amber
Venti for Swirl damage
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How to beat the Ruin Serpent

The boss is not so difficult. You can say that it’s just a warm-up for you when you enter the Chasm. When the fight starts, you have to use your Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear the Oozing concretions used by the boss. It is necessary to do this, if not, then it will be difficult for you to move freely. He can also harness energy from the Oozing attack he used around the battlefield. 

Again, using your Lumenstone Adjuvant will stop him to charge up as you will remove all the ooze. The boss will use a  sweep attack in which he will move from left to right and vice versa. Quickly get away from him because if you take a hit from this attack, it will cause you a high DMG. 

ruins serpent fight gameplay
Runic Serpent using his ooze (YouTube)

You will lose the Lumen energy very quickly because you are using it to remove the ooze. Now read this carefully. The boss itself helps you in this fight. He will create some Geo crystals around the arena to attack you. When you destroy these Geo crystals, you will create lumen energy that will charge your gadget. Just continue with these and keep attacking from a distance. This fight will be over very soon.

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You will get many rewards by defeating this boss. One of the rewards is the Runic Fangs. You can use this as a character ascension material. There are no characters currently who can use it. However, the future characters coming in the update will benefit from this.  In addition, you will get the Prithiva Topaz Fragments, 3 to 5-Star Artifcats, Character EXP, Companionship EXP, Adventure EXP, and Mora.

These are the artifacts that you will get:

  • The Exile
  • Gladiator’s Finale
  • Traveling Doctor
  • Instructor
  • Wanderer’s Troupe
Rewards after defeating Ruin Serpent
Rewards (YouTube)

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