We have brought you a guide on how to complete Luis Muriel SBC in FIFA 22. SBC is a single-player mode in FIFA Ultimate Team.

With the impending TOTY, FIFA 22 has had a tremendous run of SBCs and commercial events recently. FIFA 22 has unveiled several fantastic SBCs for players to complete this edition. Many SBCs are emerging as a result of the introduction of many marketing events. Under the Winter Wildcards and Headliners marketing event, a number of single task SBCs are being released. The Headliners are the current promotion event, and there is now a new single-task SBC to accomplish.

What is SBC in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 SBC is a single-player mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players have additional opportunities to be creative while playing it, submitting squad-building tasks, and earning good prizes. One of the goals of the Squad Building Objectives game option is to allow players to complete challenges and gain prizes by using cards they don’t need or leave decaying in their clubs. In FIFA 17, Squad Building Challenges were introduced for the first time. They’ve gained a lot of popularity since then.

Since the first day, FIFA 22 SBC has been available every day. There are two categories of challenges: those that can be completed at any time since they are always available, and those that have an expiration date. In some circumstances, you must complete them before they expire in order to receive the benefits. You’ll receive your players back if a challenge expires before you finish and submit it. This game mode is available to everyone who owns a FUT Club.

How to complete Luis Muriel SBC
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Showdown Luis Muriel SBC 

Luis Muriel of Atalanta was just included in FIFA 22 as a Showdown 87-rated version. It can be found in the squad-building challenges (SBC) menu in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. EA also introduced an Internazionale version of Matteo Darmian with an 87 rating. On January 16, these players will compete in a real-life match, with the winner receiving a +2 overall in-game boost.

Muriel’s first special card in FIFA 22 is this one. When comparing the Showdown version to his 82-rated gold card, EA has mostly improved his Physical (+10) while somewhat improving his other talents, such as Passing (+6), Dribbling (+5), Defending (+5), Shooting (+4), and Pace (+3).

However, he only possesses four-star skill techniques and a weak foot, which the developers did not improve. You may use the hawk chemistry style to boost his pace (+5) and shooting (+7), both of which are vital for a striker.

How to complete Luis Muriel SBC: Cost 

On PlayStation, this SBC costs roughly 145,350 FUT coins and 154,450 on Xbox, although it’s a little more expensive on PC (157,100). The prices are comparable, so which one you choose is a matter of personal preference.

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How to complete Luis Muriel SBC

You must submit two squads: Tactical Emulation and Serie A TIM, in order to complete the Showdown Muriel SBC. The first option demands an 82-rated team with a minimum of 75 chemistry, one TOTW (Inform) card, and at least one Atalanta player. The second requires an 86-rated team with a minimum of 65 chemistry, at least one TOTW (Inform), and one Serie A player.

How to complete Luis Muriel SBC: Tactical Emulation

How to complete Luis Muriel SBC
  • GK: 82-rated Unai Simón (Athelic Club)
  • CB: 82-rated Niklas Süle (Bayern Munich)
  • CB: 82-rated Mario Hermoso (Atlético de Madrid)
  • CB: 82-rated Clément Lenglet (Barcelona)
  • LM: 82-rated Ante Rebić (Milan)
  • CM: 82-rated Isco Suárez (Real Madrid)
  • CM: 82-rated Rodrigo De Paul (Atlético de Madrid)
  • RM: 82-rated Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)
  • LF: 82-rated Luis Muriel (Atalanta)
  • RF: 82-rated Portu Manzanera (Real Sociedad)
  • ST: 79-rated TOTW Oihan Sancet (Athletic Club)

How to complete Luis Muriel SBC: Serie A TIM

  • GK: 87-rated Wojciech Szczesny (Piemonte Calcio)
  • LB: 83-rated Lucas Hernández (Bayern Munich)
  • CB: 87-rated TOTW Alessandro Bastoni (Internazionale)
  • CB: 84-rated Matthias Ginter (Borussia M’gladbach)
  • RB: 84-rated Dušan Tadić (Ajax)
  • CDM: 83-rated Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • CDM: 84-rated Marcel Sabitzer (Bayern Munich)
  • CAM: 84-rated Youri Tielemans (Leicester City)
  • CAM: 84-rated Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea)
  • CAM: 88-rated Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)
  • ST: 88-rated Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea)

About Luis Muriel

On the 16th of April, 1991, Luis Muriel was born. He is 30 years old and now plays for Bergamo Calcio in Italy as a Striker. In FIFA 22, he has an overall rating of 82, with 82 potential. Muriel’s skillmoves rating is four stars. His right foot is the one he loves to shoot with. His productivity is High / Medium. According to our information, Muriel is 179 cm tall and weighs 79 kg. Luis Muriel currently wears the number 9 jersey. Sprint Speed: 90, Penalties: 89, Dribbling: 88, Balance: 88, and Acceleration: 87 are some of his top numbers.

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