EUIC Winner’s Hilarious Interview Goes Viral! You Won’t Believe What They Said!

Nils Dunlop has won the Pokemon EUIC 2024 and the winner has been trending for his viral speech. 

It’s time for Pokemon tournaments and live events. Players of Pokemon all around the world can participate in online and in-person tournaments and win prizes. Pokemon EUIC 2024 featuring the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet VGC just ended. Nils Dunlop, the popular Pokemon VGC player has won a tournament again.

Nils Dunlop, the Swedish Pokemon star has defeated Tim Edwards at the 2024 Pokémon Europe International Championships – VGC and is crowned as the champion. More than his victory, the interview featuring Nils Dunlop became viral as the star didn’t mince any words.  Here’s all about Nils Dunlop Pokemon hilarious interview that has gone viral.

Pokemon EUIC Winner Speech

Nils Dunlop, the Pokemon VgC champion’s speech goes viral and becomes hilarious among netizens. Charlie Merriman, the host, interviewed Nil Dumps and was asking several questions regarding his success. Initially Nils Dunlop credited his success to his mother for standing with him throughout his journey and later the Pokemon EUIC interview became cursed as the Swedish star openly revealed everything.

EUIC winner
Nils Dunlop

Speaking to Charlie Merriman, Nils interrupted the Pokemon EUIC stream and said “I Was Sh**ing” Bricks in the Back and was Super Scared”. Though the audio was cut from the broadcast, audiences and fans all over the world managed to find the word and it became viral. Some even say the new Pokemon EUIC winner interview failed and some found it funny as well.

Though a small section of the audience are harsh towards the interview, Nils Dunlop has gained fame and popularity more than criticism. His performance at Pokemon VGC Finals 2024 was exceptional as the star won the game by a 2-0 margin in the Masters Division of EUIC.

Nils Dunlop has earned more than $30,000 from Pokemon tournaments and he’s an ardent fan of Swampert. The achievements of Nils Dunlop have been staggering as the VGC player won several A-tier tournaments like Richmond and Malmo. Besides winning these, Dunlop managed to secure runner-up and top 5 positions in several tournaments over the years.

With the completion of EUIC, other Pokemon regionals and international tournaments will be the next events to watch out for. Trainers from all regions will showcase their skills against top players in the world. Be it TCG, Unite or GO, players have to be tactical and use their best strategies to win these tournaments. Also, there are many esports tournaments including the most expected Pokemon Unite Esports 2024.

After being the winner of EUIC, Nils Dunlop fame has been higher than ever. Expect the vgc player to emerge victorious in more tournaments.


How to Take Part in Pokemon Regionals?

Pokemon players have to create a trainer account, build their TCG decks and register for tournaments. Playing in ranked leagues with high ranks is crucial to participate in Pokemon regionals and international tournaments.

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