Ice-Type Pokemon Weaknesses – These Attacks Will Leave Ice-Type Pokemon Quaking

Is it hard to defeat the Ice-Type Pokemon units? What’s the best counter against Ice-Type Pokemon? Find out everything.

To dominate Pokemon games, players have to deploy a successful strategy along with in-game battle items. In Pokemon games, everything will be crucial for success. Be it standard, ranked, PvP or PvE battles, Pokemon players can rely on movesets, special abilities, skills, battle items and equipment. In the Pokemon world, there are many types of Pokemon.

A fire-type Pokèmon is successful in attacking and Water-type Pokemon can overcome many elements. Ice-type Pokemon is another element that players have struggled a lot. Ice-type Pokemon have the skills to freeze targets and apply chill effects. These Frozen type Pokemon can constantly apply chilled status ailment effects and inflict damage to their enemies.

All Pokémon units have a matchup. The Pokemon matchup charts reveal the strengths and weaknesses of all Pokemon in the game. Ice-type Pokemon have multiple weaknesses and you can exploit their weaknesses to counter them easily. Here’s all about Ice-type Pokemon and tricks to defeat them.

Ice-Type Pokemon weaknesses
Regice Pokemon

Ice-Type Pokemon Strengths, Weaknesses & Counters 2024

Ice-type Pokemon are stronger against Flying, Ground, Dragon and Bug types. Players of Pokemon can counter Ice-type units with a strong Fire-type unit. Also, you can win Ice-type Pokemon with grass, steel, rock, fighting and water-type Pokemon. These are the strengths and weaknesses of all Ice-type Pokemon in the Pokemon world. The best moves against Ice-type Pokemon are,

Ice-Type Pokemon weaknesses
Articuno Pokemon
  • Solar Beam – The grass-type move has high accuracy and powers. Pokemon with this move absorbs light in the first turn and then deals massive damage in the following turns
  • Flame Thrower – One of the best fire attacks against Ice-type Pokemon that deals heavy damage and burns the target. Flame Thrower is deemed as one of the best fire-type attacks in Pokemon games by fans
  • Hydro Cannon – This Water-type move attacks slowly and drains energy. While it inflicts quick damage, you have to recharge for the next turn
  • Blaze Kick – Another fire-type move that has the best crit hit rate. Blaze Kick applies burning effects and deals damage over time

These are the best moves and attacks to counter ice element Pokemon. Ice-type Pokemon are found in all regions, games and generations. These units can freeze their targets and stun their enemies with their chill effects. Going with the recommended moves and types is the only way to defeat an Ice-type Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating the Ice-type Pokemon, weaknesses and best counters.


What’s the Ideal Way to Defeat an Ice-Type Pokemon?

The best way to defeat Ice-Type Pokemon is to counter it with a powerful fire-type Pokémon and skills. Also, you have to use a shield and unleash battle items to overcome chilled and freeze status ailment effects. An Ice-Type Pokemon is also effective against the same Ice-Type Pokemon unit.

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