When will the Pokemon World Championship take place? Is the next tournament taking place in Hawaii? Find out everything about Pokemon World Championships dates for 2024

Pokemon online tournaments and events have begun. The EUIC has ended and Nils Dunlop from Sweden became the winner. Now it’s time for the next set of Pokemon e-Sports tournaments and regular tournaments. Pokemon World Championships 2024 schedule has been revealed. The Pokemon Company has revealed the trailer for Pokémon Worlds 2024 Championship featuring dates and games.

The Pokemon Championship will be held in Hawaii in August, 2024.  Pokemon TCG, Go, Unite and Scarlet & Violet VGC will be held. The location for the Pokemon Worlds 2024 event has also been revealed. Players can qualify for Pokémon Worlds Championships 2024 by meeting the requirements. Here’s all about Pokemon World Championships 2024 dates, locations and more.

Pokemon World Championships Dates 2024

Pokemon Worlds 2024 will take place in Hawai’i convention centre, Honolulu, Hawaii between August 16 – August 18, 2024. Trainers from all over the world will battle against each other in Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at the Pokémon Center.

The biggest event of Pokemon for 2024 has been revealed. Though the date and location are revealed, the other news regarding participants, prizes and streaming will be out from the Pokemon team soon. Pokemon players who have won international events and regional championships will be eligible for the competition.

Pokemon Championship for 2024 will only feature the above-mentioned 4 games. Fans can witness their favorite trainers competing against each other and root for their players as well. The Hawaii Pokemon event will be one of the biggest tournaments ever as players all over the world will take part an go up against each other.

To participate in Pokemon championships, players have to dominate in the ranked mode leagues, earn championship points, participate in all online events and win big tournaments. Pokemon international events will be the best platforms for players to showcase their prowess. Players with the best TCG decks can also participate by submitting their decks and completing the registration.

Some tournaments require registration and some don’t. But Pokemon players who have topped the global charts will be automatically eligible for regionals and other tournaments. There are many esports tournaments as well including the Pokemon Unite Esports and the schedule for 2024 has been announced as well.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon World Championships 2024 event, dates, games and location.


How to Take Part in Pokemon Regionals?

Pokemon players have to create a trainer account, build their TCG decks and register for tournaments. Playing in ranked leagues with high ranks is crucial to participate in Pokemon regionals and international tournaments.

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