How to Dominate the Competition with the “Reckless” Ability?

Is Pokemon Reckless skill powerful? Which Pokemon uses this ability? Find out everything.

In the Pokemon universe, there are thousands of abilities for your Pokemon. With movesets, you can increase attacks and rescue the target Pokemon’s powers during raids. Be it Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, or Pokemon Go, trainers have to use moves to win battles. A Pokemon unlocks moves at different trainer levels and by evolution. There are more than 1000 moves.

The Reckless is an ability that’s available from Gen 4 Pokemon games. Reckless is used as a main and hidden ability by many Pokemon. The Reckless ability is available in popular Pokemon games like Sword & Shield, and Sun and Moon. It doesn’t boost damage or defense, but it grants other buffs to your Pokemon. Here’s all about the Pokemon reckless ability and its powers.

Pokemon Reckless Ability 

Reckless is a skill that boosts moves of Pokemon that have recoil and crash damage by 20% at least. Units that excel with the recoil damage can use the reckless skill and gain a massive advantage in raids. This is the only effect of this Pokemon ability. Reckless skill also affects many moves like Double Edge, Head Smash, Wild Charge and Wood Hammer. Hitmonlee, the fighting-type Pokemon from Generation 1 uses the Reckless as its main skill. 

Which is the strongest Pokemon to use Reckless?

Reckless Pokemon

The Reckless moveset is available to many Pokemon. Units like Bouffalant and Hitmonlee use this as their main skill. Pokemon like Staraptor, Rhyhorn and Mienshao use the reckless skill as their hidden ability. These Pokemon also use other abilities along with Reckless.

How to Unlock Reckless Skill?

In Pokemon games, trainers can unlock movesets through evolution, TMs and TRs. Some Pokemon get moves from level 1 and some learn moves by evolution. Reckless skill is available through all these methods. You can evolve a Pokemon and increase its levels to unlock the move.

Is Reckless Skill the Strongest in the Pokemon Franchise?

Reckless is one of the best skills to use in battles. But there are hundreds of special skills with the best buffs and bonus effects for your Pokemon. Reckless is a good pick for PvP battles and it will work well with Pokemon with the recoil damage. 

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Reckless skill and its uses. These 7 fan created Pokemon moves have been popular among fans.


Will Fan Made Pokemon Moves Return?

Many moves in Pokemon games are inspired from creators and fans. Though some skills are scrapped, makers of Pokemon will incorporate more fan created moves in the game. Also, there are many Pokemon fan made games with unique features, unknown Pokemon and colorful locations.

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