The Real-World Inspiration Behind Pokemon

Are Pokemon inspired by animals? Are real-world locations and events the inspiration for Pokemon creators? Find out everything.

The Pokemon gaming series has been the most successful video game franchise as Pokemon games have earned billions, made record sales and launched mind-blowing games. Pokemon games explore different genres like action, adventure, card-battler, RPG, and puzzle. There are thousands of Pokemon and locations. Pokemon games have characters from different genres.

Pokemon games are highly inspired by anime and this is a well-known fact. But some Pokemon games, characters and locations are actually inspired by real-life events. Pokemon game developers took inspiration from animals, birds, mythology and real-world locations as well. Here are some shocking and fun facts about Pokemon games that will surprise you.

Pokemon Inspiration, Mythology & More

Not only Pokemon, their movesets and playing style are based on some mythology and animals. Pokemon regions are not fictional as they are completely based on several countries in the world.


Whiscash is a generation 3 water and ground type Pokemon that resembles a catfish. Not many players are aware of Whiscash’s history. In Japanese mythology, there’s a catfish called Namazu since the 1400s. If rumors are to be believed, Pokemon whiscash is actually inspired by Namazu and the creature also used to cause earthquakes from the mud. Notably, Whiscash got its earthquake moveset.


Pikachu is an evergreen Pokemon and loved by all fans. Some say the Pikachu design is based on the mouse. But an artist confirms that Pikachu’s design is based on a squirrel. 

Pokemon Regions

The 9 major regions in Pokemon are based on real-world locations from various countries. Kanto is based on Kanto in Japan and Johto is highly inspired by Kansai of Japan. Sinnoh, Hisui and Hoenn are also based on Japanese locations. Alola and Unova regions are based on locations from North America. While the last three regions Galar, Kalos and Paldea exist in Europe. Also, other sub-regions in Pokemon games are inspired by locations from these countries.


The lore of Torterra Pokemon looks interesting. Torterra resembles a tortoise and got its name from the same as well. Torterra shell has an ecosystem containing  mountains, oak trees and even some small Pokemon stay on its large shell. Many small Pokemon have their nests on its shell and complete their life journey as well.

Pokemon Legendary Beasts

Pokemon Inspiration

Pokemon legendary beasts include the trio Raikou, Entei and Suicune. These three beasts are from the Johto region. Pokemon legendary beasts are generation 2 Pokemon and these are inspired by mythical creatures like Komainu and Kirin. The three beasts originated from Ecruteak City’s Burned Tower and this happened exactly 150 years before the events of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Pokemon Zubat

Zubat is a generation 1 poison and flying type Pokemon. Zubat’s design has been inspired by vampire bats. Vampire bats are predominantly found in central and South America. Zubat’s poison type skills are based on these bats that bite their prey and increase its energy levels.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon real-world inspiration, mythology and locations. 


Are Pokemon Games with real-world inspiration successful?

Yes, Pokemon games are both fictional and based on real-life. These games with real-world locations and characters have been the major reason for success. The curiosity and hype for games increase when they draw inspiration from real-life.

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