You will rule in every condition with the best weapons in Battlefield 2042.

Compared to other popular FPS games, Battlefield 2042 is far more tactical. As a result, you’ll need to choose the appropriate weapon for several situations, including protecting your colleagues from afar, pushing objectives ahead, and silencing the other team while your comrades advance. This guide will go through the top weapons in Battlefield 2042.

When it comes to large-scale 128-player combat, you need to know that you’re ready for the task. To put it another way, you should make sure you’re selecting the greatest Battlefield 2042 firearms for each occasion. Working out which weapons are worthy of your time and which aren’t may be a struggle in and of itself, with hundreds of weapons to select from in many categories.

Best Weapons in Battlefield 2042


Best Weapons in Battlefield 2042
PP-29 gun in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 will let you unlock the PP-29 as your second SMG, and it is awesome. The PP-29 outclasses every other weapon in Battlefield 2042, even without attachments, because it does not recoil and has a quick time to kill. Once you unlock the PP-29 at level 18, we recommend equipping it in most loadouts.

After upgrading the PP-29 and acquiring the Champion Muzzle Brake and High-Power ammunition, you can turn it into an absolute laser capable of quickly dispatching foes. It also has a large ammunition capacity when compared to other SMGs and Assault Rifles, allowing you to take on an entire squad of foes without having to retreat to cover and reload. Since most Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles are considerably weaker than expected in the current meta, most players are resorting to the PP-29 for its incredible range and accuracy.


SVK in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s SVK is the second Marksman Rifle, unlocked at level 14 as early as the PP-29. You can set up a sniper nest with the SVK and take two shots to kill the body and one shot to kill the head of any enemy on any map. In addition to being the strongest Marksman Rifle in Battlefield 2042, it is currently performing much better than Battlefield 2042’s Sniper Rifle.

The only difference between the SVK and the Sniper Rifles present in Battlefield 2042 is their relative firing rates, which are identical in range and damage. Because the SVK is speedier, it can kill adversaries faster, even if two body shots are required for the kill. If you suffer from lead time and bullet drop when sniping across the battlefield, the SVK is considerably more forgiving. Since the rapid firing rate allows you to swiftly adapt and fire again before the adversary reacts.


Best Weapons in Battlefield 2042
LCMG weapon

The LCMG deserves to be on our list of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 because of its large magazine capacity and low recoil. The LCMG becomes quite easy to handle after a brief burst of initial recoil. It’s imprecise at long range without attachments due to the bullet spread, but it’s ideal for silencing targets on the approach and then clearing them when you’re up close. The LCMG’s damage output is significantly higher than that of other Assault Rifles, making it ideal for slicing through opposing fortifications.

In contrast to most other guns on this list, the LCMG has much slower handling, which makes it difficult to play like a running-and-firing gun. You’ll rack up too many kills to make your teammates jealous, however, once you find the right rhythm.


K30 submachine gun

Although it isn’t nearly as good as the PP-29, the K30 is a close second. Up close, this gun, which is essentially a KRISS Vector, is a beast, killing foes in a single burst. Its high firing rate, handling, and accuracy make it ideal for gamers that want to play up close. While a longer magazine may be installed in the K30, it isn’t nearly enough to fight many adversaries at once.

The K30 is essentially a short-range version of the Vector Kriss Gen II — a fast-firing beast of a weapon. The gun can kill numerous opponents in a single burst, although its efficiency decreases as range increases. In other words, it’s ideal for clearing outbuildings, but less so if you’re perched atop a massive tower.


AC-42 Gun

By far, the greatest Battlefield 2042 assault weapon is the AC-42. There isn’t much in it right now because all the firearms need to be rebalanced, but this bullpup pistol is essentially an SMG in an assault rifle shell. It’s quick to fire and does a lot of damage, plus it comes with some of the greatest attachments in the game.

The AC-42 comes with 14 interchangeable scopes that cover all distances. However, because this fast-firing weapon works best at medium to short ranges, you should avoid utilizing hybrid scopes if at all possible. The AC-42 comes with a plethora of under-barrel attachments. While it may be tempting to attach a grenade launcher to this weapon, you should instead choose something that allows you to better regulate the weapon’s recoil pattern.


Battlefield 2042
M5A3 riffle

The M5A3 is a very versatile weapon, and many of you will likely test it out initially in Battlefield 2042. It has a good combination of damage, accuracy, range, and handling, making it one of the greatest weapons in Battlefield 2042. It also has far superior recoil control than other Assault Rifles, allowing you to easily target medium-range targets and maintain control.

While some people appear to prefer the AK-24’s increased firepower and range, we found the M5A3 to be significantly more accurate. The M5A3 makes it considerably simpler to land your bullets, thus you should find it kills foes faster. A minor disadvantage is significantly lesser damage when compared to the AK-24. Aside from that, the rifle is fantastic.


Best Weapons in Battlefield 2042
PBX- 45

In comparison to the PP-29, it doesn’t have the range. The PBX-45 is an SMG worthy of inclusion on this list despite its slightly higher handling and faster firing rate. Time-to-kill is comparable to that of the PP-29 due to its high rate of fire. Despite its excellent handling, it is capable of quickly changing directions and destroying entire teams without wasting any time.

Even so, the PBX’s speed has a bit of an extra kick that you need to be aware of if you want to achieve medium-range efficiency. You can start leveling it up immediately since it is already at level 1. For beginners who want a powerful weapon with which to jump straight into the action, the PBX-45 is an exceptional option.

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