Best Characters in Echoes of Mana – April 2022

Are you starting with the latest Mana game? Read our best Echoes of Mana characters list to have a good start.

Square Enix’s latest free-to-play RPG game is here. Echoes of Mana revisits many of the franchise’s prior lands and characters that you love. The game has many characters that you can choose from to win the battles. But which is the best character? Our guide will help you to know the best Echoes of Mana characters. 

Keep in mind that it is totally your choice about the best character. We are ranking them based on our personal choice and their performance so far in the game. It might be different for you, and you might be enjoying with some other character with whom you are performing well. However, if you are new, or you are confused to get the best one for yourself, our guide will help you out.

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Best Echoes of Mana Characters 

Quilto and Quilta

Quilto and Quilta are the first characters you will get in the game, and believe us, they are very strong. Both of them are the same as they use the same weapons. The only difference is that Quilto is a boy and Quilta is a girl. So, it is your choice to choose anyone from them. Both of them are guided by the Mana Goddess.


Popoi is a character from Secret of Mana who suffers from amnesia. She is very mischievous but also caring at the same time. This fun-loving character can do a great job for you on the battlefield. Try to give a chance to Popoi if you haven’t and see what benefits you will get in the battle for the victory.

Mana Godess

Mana Godess seeks the Mana Sword so that she can restore the lost world. There is still much to be known about her but the name might give you a small hint that she won’t be a normal character in the game.

Mana Goddess
Mana Godess (Square enix)


Shiloh is a character from the Legend of Mana. He is a traveler who is on an adventure. There is not much back story for this character but he always tries to help others he find on his journey. Shiloh is on of the best characters in the Mana franchise. Players who have been playing the Mana game knows what skills and abilities Shiloh possess and how much important he is on the battlefield.

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Mousseline’s age is something that nobody knows, not even she herself. But, she has a great magic power which she does not like to show off. When the time comes, her magic power will definitely do a great job for the team. So, if you are looking someone with magic, Mousseline is a great option.

Echoes of Mana gameplay

Gameplay (YouTube)


You can say he is a great trickster. Nicco is a merchant in Echoes of Mana. This character has something special in him. Upgrading him will surely benefit you. It will help you to know the true potential of Nicco once you upgrade him. He won’t disappoint you for sure.

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Talking about some raw power, Watts is a great character in the game with strong powers. Due to years of honing his craft, he has developed a very strong skin. This blacksmith is a one of the best Echoes of Mana characters. If you want to play at the frontlines and want to attack more, he is a great option.

Watts (Square Enix)

For now, these are the best Echoes of Mana characters for us. However, we have only focused on most of the latest characters because there is very little people know about them. As time will pass, we will let you know more about the best Echoes of Mana characters. Till then, you can choose from the above characters and it will definitely not disappoint you. 

Use the characters carefully and keep in mind about their elements. We have explained it in our Echoes of Mana guide. Also, what factors you need to keep in mind about the characters and while selecting them is also explained in the guide. Therefore, take a look at it before you start building up your team. 

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