Best Armor in Valheim – A Complete Guide

Armor is very important in action or survival games. To help you, we are here with a guide to the best armor in Valheim.

In Valheim, survival is your first goal, and armor is your primary means of protection. However, this does not imply that each and every armor set is worthwhile. In certain circumstances, the armor’s sheer bulk nearly overcomes its defensive value. That said, there aren’t a lot of armor alternatives in Valheim right now, and getting the materials to create them may be a pain. 

While you may get by with ordinary troll armor for the majority of the game, certain later biomes will have you scrambling for warmth or padding to guard against the unpleasant locals. As you progress and collect additional resources, the greatest Valheim armor sets are usually unlocked organically. Below is some of the best armor in Valheim to keep an eye out for.

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Best Armor in Valheim: Troll Armor

Troll Armor is the first significant form of defense you will get in the game. It gives a six-point basic defense for each piece, which is much greater than Leather Armor’s two-point base protection, and it weighs the same five units. The cloak is the lone exception since it provides the same base protection and weight as the leather cape. This is the most powerful armor you may wear without incurring a -5 percent mobility penalty.

The Sneak bonus is what actually distinguishes the Troll Armor set as the greatest armor in the early game. Each unique item of armor, including the Troll Cape, offers a 25% Sneak benefit to the wearer. When the full set is worn, the buff is 100 percent. To create its foundation shape, each piece of armor requires a collection of ingredients. After that, they’ll require more resources and a higher-level crafting station for each improvement. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to make the Troll set.

Best Armor in Valheim
Troll Armor (Image credit: Valheim fandom)

In the Black Forest, trolls can be spotted patrolling near a Troll Cave. You’ll also locate a handful more Trolls in these caves. Because trolls are vulnerable to piercing damage and risky to engage in close combat with, it’s preferable to use ranged techniques. With their burning and poison debuffs, fire or poison arrows will allow you to deal consistent damage to these giants, making them easier to dispatch.

Best Armor in Valheim: Wolf Armor

Without a question, the Valheim Wolf Armor set is one of Valheim’s most attractive armors. It’s also one of the most helpful since it allows you to stay in the icy Mountain biome without being affected by Frost’s damage.

Best Armor in Valheim
Wolf Armor (Image credit: Valheim fandom)

The Wolf Armor appears to be less durable than the Iron Armor at first appearance. Bear in mind, though, that the 41 basic armor does not include a helmet. The Wolf Armor outfit is really a little stronger when combined with a separate helmet. It’ll take a lot of wolves and silver to make Wolf Armor. You’ll need some Frost Resistance Mead first because both are only available in the mountain environment.

Bringing more than one will ensure you have protection against the cold for 10 minutes. Swamp biomes contain only one resource, the chain. These are the blue ghost-like creatures called Wraiths who drop them.

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Best Armor in Valheim: Padded Armor

Padded Armor is, by far, the greatest armor in the game when it comes to pure protection. The set’s pieces have a basic armor rating of 26 and are lighter than Wolf Armor, weighing only ten units each. The greaves and cuirass will each give you a -5 percent movement speed reduction.

Best Armor in Valheim
Padded Armor (Image credit: Valheim fandom)

Even yet, moving between this set and Troll or Wolf armor for their respective extra effects lightens the burden in your inventory while providing greater protection. The overall basic protection of the Padded Armor set is 79 points, but when each piece is fully upgraded to the highest tier, the total armor protection climbs to 100 points.

The cloak is once again the source of exclusion. The Linen Cape offers the same one point of protection as the Troll or Wolf Cape and weighs the same four units, but it lacks the other bonuses of the Troll or Wolf Cape. The Greaves and Cuirass upgrade each demands a significant quantity of extra Iron. Each item in the second layer requires three bars, the third tier requires six bars, and the fourth and final tier demands nine bars of Iron.

Even though the upgrades normally need fewer resources than the helmets in Valheim, this is not the case with the upgrades. To upgrade the padded helmet to tier two, you’ll need five more Iron, ten more for tier three, and fifteen more for tier four. Padded Armor, as the greatest armor in the game, necessitates a more time-consuming building procedure than the other sets.

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