If you are new to Against War game then you might face some problems. But do not worry, because we have Against War guide for you.

Against War is an amazing strategy and card-based game that has recently been released for mobile gamers. It’s an exciting game that features a battle between two kingdoms, where players use their deck of cards to take down their opponent’s walls and claim victory.

The game is filled with many valuable features that are easy to access and beneficial for players. In this Against War guide, we’ll dive straight into the game and help beginners become pros with the best tips and tricks.

Understand the Gameplay Mechanics

Against War is a card-based game that requires players to use strategy when going to war against an opponent kingdom. The gameplay mechanics and UI are simple to handle, making it easy for players to go for a quick win in no time. Players must identify the best spots for each card and place them accordingly by sliding the card from the deck to that exact location, and the card will then do the rest.

Destroy the Walls and Claim Victory

In the game Against War, the objective for players is to destroy their opponent’s left and right walls, as well as the main center entry hall. This requires players to carefully strategize and use their resources wisely to gain an advantage over their opponents. The concept of destroying walls and entryways is similar to that of Clash Royale, another popular game that shares similarities with Against War. Both games require players to carefully manage their resources and deploy units strategically in order to gain the upper hand in battle.

Victory in Against War brings with it some great rewards, which can help players progress further in the game. These rewards might include new cards, upgrades to existing cards, or other bonuses that can help players improve their decks and become stronger in battle.

Against War Guide: Explore the Lobby

The lobby is a section where players can check out all the important aspects of the game and access them. Important aspects of the game include:

  • Battle
  • Recruit
  • Workshop
  • Spell Lab
  • Command

The Battle option is where players can connect with another player and start matchmaking. These aspects are also part of the most important features of Against War, and we will discuss them further in detail.

Against War Guide: Workshop

The workshop is the section where players can upgrade many options and make their base stronger. Players can use resources such as grains, crystals, and silver coins to level up aspects such as guild, spell lab, recruiting, command, castle, commander, deck, castle wall, and castle guards. Upgrading them will help players become much stronger and build a base that cannot be easily destroyed by other players.

Plan Your Strategies Well

In Against War, planning your strategies well is essential to winning battles. You should study the moves of your opponents, counter their plans, and defeat them with your armies and troops. A great way to do this is by scouting your opponents’ bases before attacking them.

This will help you identify their weaknesses and strengths, and create a plan that can exploit their weaknesses. You should also experiment with different army compositions and tactics to find the ones that work best for you.

Collect More Cards

To become a skilled player in the game Against War, one must understand the importance of having a great deck of cards. In order to build such a deck, players need to collect resources and recruit more cards. Resources can be obtained by winning battles or completing certain tasks in the game. These resources can then be used to purchase new cards or upgrade existing ones. By doing so, players can improve the overall strength of their deck and increase their chances of winning battles.

Recruiting new cards is also crucial to building a great deck. Players should look for cards that complement each other and have abilities that can be used in combination to gain an advantage over their opponents. It’s important to remember that having a diverse range of cards in your deck can give you more options during battles.

Having a great deck of cards not only increases your chances of winning battles, but it can also make the game more enjoyable. It’s satisfying to see your hard work pay off when you win a tough battle thanks to your well-crafted deck.

In order to truly become a pro at Against War, players must also understand the importance of strategy, skill, and luck. While having a great deck is important, it’s not the only factor that determines the outcome of battles. Players must also develop their own unique strategies and use their skills to outmaneuver their opponents.

Against War Guide: Upgrading the Workshop

The Workshop is a crucial element of the game that allows players to upgrade their walls, castles, and spells. To make the most out of your workshop, you should upgrade its entities regularly. Upgrade the wall builders to make stronger walls, the castle builders to build bigger and better castles, and the spell makers to create powerful spells. 

Additionally, you should focus on upgrading your resources such as gold mines, elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills. Upgrading these entities will help you gain more resources that you can use to upgrade other elements of your workshop.


Build the Best Possible Deck of Cards

The key to winning battles in Against War is to build a strong and balanced deck of cards. To achieve this, you need to study the details of each card that you own and categorize them according to their classes.

This way, you can create a deck that includes all classes and can help you win battles with ease. Some of the classes that you should consider including in your deck are tanks, damage dealers, and support units. You should also upgrade your cards regularly to make them more powerful.

Go for the Quest Missions

Completing quest missions is an excellent way to gain resources and in-game currencies from the Against Pass. These resources can be used to upgrade the required elements of your workshop and improve your gameplay. Quest missions also help you level up faster and unlock new cards and spells. To complete quest missions, you need to choose the right army composition and tactics that match the mission’s objectives.

Against War Guide: Join a Clan

Joining a clan is one of the best ways to improve your gameplay and win battles in Against War. Clans allow you to team up with other players, share resources, and participate in clan wars. By participating in clan wars, you can earn extra resources and in-game currencies that can help you upgrade your workshop and cards. You can also learn from your clanmates and share your strategies with them to become better players.

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