7 Pokemon With Abilities That Can Completely Control the Flow of Battle

Is Purifying Salt the strongest moveset in Pokemon games? Which Pokemon abilities are the best of all-time? 

In Pokemon games, every unit has many moves. But you can use the recommended abilities for Pokemon based on their types and elements. A fire-type Pokemon can use the best fire skills and dual-type Pokemon can use multiple skills. In the Pokedex, there are more than 1000 Pokemon and 10,000 movesets. Every skill offers a bonus stay to each Pokemon. Here are the 7 best abilities and their effects along with the recommended Pokemon to use.

7 Best Pokemon and Abilities 

Every Pokemon needs an ability to win raids against bosses and other trainers. Here are the 7 top-tier skills in Pokemon games and their effects.

Pokemon abilities

Purifying Salt – Nacli

This ability grants immune powers against status ailment effects to Pokemon that use it. The damage taken level from ghost-type moves will be half if you use Purifying Salt. Nacli Pokemon and its evolution forms can use this.

Protean – Kecleon

An ability from Gen 6 Pokemon games that surprised everyone. Protean move changes the type of a unit that the Pokemon will use in the next turn. In some games, the type of a Pokemon will change to the type it’s using in the current raids. Kecleon, the normal type Pokemon from Generation 8 uses this skill.

Prankster – Morgrem

Prankster is a special skill in Generation 5 games that focuses on granting extra priority for status moves by +1.  With enhanced status effects, you can dominate the game. Morgrem and Grimmsnarl Pokemon will use this as their main skill.

Mirror Armor – Corviknight

A magical skill introduced in Gen 8 games. It reflects the stat-lowering effects of moves back to the user. Corviknight from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet uses this moveset.

Levitate – Haunter

The Levitate moveset helps a Pokemon to negate Ground-type moves. The Levitate skill helps you overcome challenges against mighty Ground-type units. Levitate has always been one of the strongest skills for grass and fairy type Pokemon. Koffing, Gastly and Haunter are three powerful Pokemon to use this skill.

Poison Heal – Breloom

Poison Heal is one of the best skills in Pokemon games. Pokemon using this skill will be able to overcome poison effects. When a Pokemon is poisoned, the Poison Heal move retrieves HP. Gliscor, Breloom and Shroomish Pokemon use this moveset.

Anger Shell – Klawf

Anger Shell is a Gen 9 skill. The effects of Anger Shell work well when your Pokemon loses 50% hp as a result of an attack from targets. Anger Shell increases Atk, Sp. Atk and Speed. It also reduces Def and Sp. Def. Klawf, the Rock-type Pokemon uses this skill for all raids.


Does a Moveset affect a Pokemon’s Skill?

Yes, Pokemon are vulnerable without movesets. You have to unleash skills and battle items to win battles and raids against enemies in Pokemon games.

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