Ho-Oh EX Soars into Pokemon Unite as a Defender with a Resurrecting Unite Move!

Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh is releasing? Here’s what the leaks suggest about its complete abilities. Get ready to spam those abilities!

The stunning Ho-Oh is spreading its fire wings and taking off in Pokemon Unite as the game’s newest member. This legendary Pokemon doesn’t come as an Attacker like many people think it will. Instead, it comes as a strong Defender, giving the battlefield a unique mix of help and the ability to stay alive.

When it comes to Pokemon Unite, Ho-Oh EX is a big change from how legendary Pokemon usually work. Legendaries have always been strong fighters because they deal a lot of damage and can move quickly. But Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX is different because it lets you play in a way that helps your friends win by protecting them and making them stronger.

Ho-Oh red
Ho-Oh red

Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX’s Abilities Breakdown:

Ho-Oh EX’s kit is all about protecting friends, annoying enemies, and using its amazing Unite Move to possibly bring dead teammates back to life. Take a closer look at what it can do:

  • Passive: Regenerator: Like the held item “Leftovers,” this passive gives Ho-Oh EX passively 100 HP when it doesn’t take damage for a certain amount of time. This keeps Ho-Oh EX healthy during the fight, which makes it a more stubborn force on the front lines.
  • Boosted Attack: Every third normal attack turns into a strengthened attack that does more damage, puts out fires, and most importantly heals Ho-Oh EX. This gives Ho-Oh EX a reason to stay in the middle of the fight, since it can heal itself while delivering damage.

Initial Skill 1: Choose Between Safeguard and Tailwind

  • Safeguard: This move gives Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX a shield that protects them from damage. Another thing that happens while the shield is up is that Ho-Oh EX temporarily moves faster. This lets it move or help friends more quickly.
  • Tailwind: Makes a wind vortex that damages enemies and pushes them back. What’s more, friends that walk with the wind move faster, while enemies that walk against the wind move more slowly. This gives both attacking and defensive plays chances to make strategic moves.

Initial Skill 2: Select Between Fire Spin and Flamethrower

  • Fire Spin: Makes a fiery vortex around Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX that slows down and damages enemies that get caught in it. It’s interesting that this move also gives Ho-Oh EX a shield for the time it lasts. If the shield breaks or the move is used again, a fireball shoots outwards and does more damage based on how much damage Ho-Oh EX took during the spin.
  • Flamethrower: Sends out a burst of flames that damages opponents in a straight line and lowers their Attack and Special Attack. This move can continuously hurt and debuff enemies, which makes it a great choice for annoying them and making it harder for them to attack.

Skill 1 Upgrade Options: Fly or Fire Spin+

  • Fly/Fly+: This upgrade is based on Charizard’s Unite Move and Talonflame’s Fly ability. Ho-Oh EX ascends into the air during activation with increased movement speed and attack power. Moreover, for a limited duration its next three normal attacks are empowered to be used during flight. With an extension of flight duration by upgrading to Fly+, Ho-Oh EX can become an unyielding aerial menace.
  • Fire Spin+: By enhancing it, Fire Spin gains extra time and increases the strength of the shield. Additionally, as Ho-Oh EX loses HP after activating Fire Spin, the final heatwave attack deals more damage depending on that amount. Thus, this upgrade emphasizes Fire Spin as a defensive move making Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX a tougher anchor for your squad.

Skill 2 Upgrade Options: Flamethrower+ or Sky Attack

  • Flamethrower+: Upgrading Flamethrower lowers its cooldown period thereby allowing more frequency in applying Attack/Special Attack debuff by Ho-Oh EX. Also, it adds burn effect to enemies hit by these flames which restricts their mobility further and also inflict damages over time.
  • Sky Attack: This upgrade embodies Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX’s legendary mightiness charging forward and hurting any enemy on its path, leaving behind a trail of Flame. When walked upon by enemies this burning ground also harms them and slows them down bringing about zone control effect.

Unite Move: Rainbow Flame of Resurrection

Ho-Oh card
Ho-Oh card

This is where Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX really shines as a backup star. Each time an ally Pokemon faints, it leaves a feather mark on the field for a short time. Then Ho-Oh EX can use its Unite Move, Rainbow Flame of Resurrection, which will spread its wings and use up all of its Aeos energy. This amazing move brings back to life all of your fallen teammates who are within range of the leftover feather marks, giving them some of their HP back. When Ho-Oh EX has more Aeos energy stored, it may be able to revive more partners. This can be very useful in important late-game teamfights.

How to Play Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX: A Supportive Tank with Offensive Potential

Pokemon Unite Ho-Oh EX combines unique defensive power with an unexpected ability to attack. Here are some tips for mastering this legendary Defender:

  • Use Regenerator: Don’t be afraid to get in the middle of things! Ho-Oh EX’s passive HP regeneration keeps it alive while fighting.
  • Choose Your Moves Wisely: Apart from that, Tailwind is very good at crowd control and mobility for your team; Safeguard can save you a lot. Likewise, Fire Spin excels as an area denial and defense move, while Flamethrower has steady damage output and debuffing effects. Either option can be tried out to see which playstyle best suits your team composition and liking.
  • Dominate the Skies (or the Battlefield): Fly+ enables Ho-Oh EX to become a relentless aerial attacker that harasses backlines and deals consistent damages on them. Alternatively, Fire Spin+ is great for defense and area denial so that Ho-Oh EX stands as a mighty frontline presence.
  • Become a Beacon of Hope: Sky Attack can zone out enemies and make battleground burning, while Flamethrower+ weakens the enemy’s strength before killing them. All these modifications provide offensive utility to allow Ho-Oh EX to contribute more than just support.
  • The Ultimate Comeback Potential: The Rainbow Flame of Resurrection changes everything. Plan your move so that you can see the feather marks of your fallen teammates, and then use your Unite Move at the right time to turn the tide of the fight. Keep an eye on your Aeos energy, though, because it takes a full meter to revive multiple friends.

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