What are Wide Lens and Zoom Lens in Pokemon video games? What’s their uses? Find out everything.

The Pokemon gaming series has plenty of games in action, adventure, RPG and puzzle. There are even Pokemon card-battler games as some of the iconic TCG cards have been sold at record prices. In Pokemon games, trainers use skills, movesets, battle items and held items for their units. These are key equipment to win battles in Pokemon games and they also power-up builds for every unit.

Not many fans are aware of two rare held items, Zoom Lens and Wide Lens. These were held items introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions. Both Lens are used to increase accuracy for a Pokemon’s moveset. It’s hard to find these lines in Pokemon games, but players can buy them from Pokemon stores around the world. Though both lenses have common effects, Pokemon fans have always had an argument over the best. Here’s all about Zoom Lens vs Wide Lens in Pokemon games.

Zoom Lens vs Wide Lens in Pokemon Games

Zoom Lens vs Wide Lens Pokemon

Players who use Wide Lens and Zoom Lens with their moves in Pokemon games will get 10% extra accuracy. You can only move one lens and the one that is moved second will not work. Some fans argue that Zoom lens grants 20% extra accuracy while Wide Lens only grant 10% and say that Zoom Lens is the best in Pokemon.

Wide Lens, the magnifying lens has also appeared in Pokemon games like HeartGold & SoulSilver, and Black & Silver. The lens will be a held item for Pokemon in battles. Pokemon like Hydreigon and Maushold have used both Zoom Lens and Wide Lens in the game.

In some games, Wide Lens will boost accuracy and the Zoom Lens focuses on crit rate stats. Zoom Lens function only when your foes in Pokemon games make their moves and attacks. These Lens are also a good battle item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

These are the stats and working style for Wide Lens and Zoom Lens in the Pokemon world. Both Lens are good held items and can be used with Pokemon that have excellent atk. If we go by the stats, Zoom Lens provides a better advantage when compared to Wide Lens.

How to Purchase Wide Lens and Zoom Lens in Pokemon?

In some Pokemon games, Lens are available from the in-game item shop. In some games, Wide Lens and Zoom Lens are available as free in-game rewards for events and quests. Pokemon players can trade Lens to their friends and find them in the wild regions as well. Pokemon Centre in some countries sell both Zoom Lens and Wide Lens.

That’s everything you need to know about the Wide Lens vs Zoom Lens comparison and effects in Pokemon video games.


Can you Purchase Zoom and Wide Lens?

Yes, you can purchase both lenses in Pokemon centre and stores all over the world.

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