What’s Pokemon Population Bomb? Is Population Bomb a good skill? Scroll down and find everything.

In Pokemon games, players play as both trainers and Pokemon. As there are plenty of Pokemon games from many locations and generations, you can unlock Pokemon from all elements. Every Pokemon needs a stronger build to unleash its potential in the game’s battles. There are thousands of movesets in Pokemon games. These moves are available for all Pokemon from the Pokedex.

The Population Bomb is an iconic moveset in the Pokemon universe. This moveset is primarily used by Tandemaus and Maushold in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Population Bomb is a normal type Physical moveset and it has several effects. Here’s all about the Pokemon Population Bomb moveset, uses and more.

Pokemon Population Bomb Moveset

Population Bomb Pokemon
Maushold Pokemon

Population Bomb move is only available for some games in the Pokemon franchise. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Population Bomb is a powerful moveset. Players can learn the Population Bomb moveset by evolving these Pokemon. Here’s how the population bomb moveset works,

  • Using Population Bomb lets you attack targets and unleash a combo attack frequently (1-10 times)
  • The moveset attacks a single Pokemon that’s adjacent

Population Bomb is a Generation 9 moveset  and this multi-strike skill has high accuracy and works well in ranged battles for strong attackers. The effects of Population Bomb moveset will not last if its accuracy check is failed. This damage dealing moveset is also affected by other movesets in the game.

When Does Maushold  Learn the Population Bomb Moveset?

Both Maushold and Tandemaus will learn the Population Bombset moves when their rank levels increase. You can evolve Tandemaus to Maushold at level 25. You can simply use these Pokemon in battles and increase their rank levels and this will unlock the Population Bombset as well. Only these units from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can utilize the Population Bomb moveset.

Is the Population Bomb Moveset Good?

The Population Bomb moveset is good for PvP raids. The moveset allows Pokemon to hit targets constantly with better accuracy rate. Population Bombset moveset works well against electric, fighting, steel and rock type units in the game. It is mainly used by attackers in Pokemon games as it only provides atk buff to unite. The Population Bomb move is not effective for units that are good in defense.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Population Bomb moveset, effects and Maushold Pokemon.


Who can use Population Bomb moveset?

Population Bomb moveset is one of the strongest offensive moves that can be used by Pokemon that excels in Attacking.

Is Population Bomb Available in Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, Population Bomb ability is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can evolve Maushold and unlock this classic skill.

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