These Best Psychic Ground Pokemon Deserve Your Attention

What’s a Psychic Ground Pokemon? Which is the best Psychic/Ground dual-type Pokemon? Find out everything.

Dual type Pokemon are more effective than normal Pokemon. The dual Pokemon possesses higher stats and have some incredible skills in their kit. In Pokemon Go, there are tons of dual-type Pokemon. Psychic and Ground is one dual-type that’s rare to find in the game.  What’s special is dual Pokemon will get access to skills from multiple elements and they are vulnerable against multiple attacks as well.

As of now, there are only two Psychic and Ground type Pokemon in the game. One is Baltoy and the other is Claydol. Both Baltoy and Claydol are from the Hoenn region Baltoy. With 50 candies, trainers can evolve Baltoy to Claydol. Claydol has boosted skills and cp in Go Battle Leagues and Gym Raids. Here’s all about Psychic Ground Pokemon, Claydol and Baltoy.

Psychic Ground Pokemon List 

Baltoy and Claydol are Generation 3 Pokemon and both have shiny forms. Trainers can catch Baltoy and Claydol within 5kms. A normal Psychic-type Pokemon deals lethal damage and the powers get enhanced if it joins with a Ground-type unit. Find everything about the dual the Psychic Ground Pokemon from Pokemon Go:

Psychic Ground Pokemon

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Stats for Baltoy and Claydol

Pokemon ATK DEFSTAShiny Weather Boost
Baltoy 77124120YesSunny, Windy
Claydol 140229155YesSunny, Windy

Strengths and Weaknesses 

Pokemon Best MovesResistant ToWeakness 
Baltoy Extrasensory, Dig, Gyro Ball, Confusion, PsybeamElectric, Fighting, Rock, Psychic, PoisonIce, Ghost, Water, Dark, Bug, Grass
Claydol Mud-Slap, Scorching Sands, Earth Power, Earthquake, Confusion Electric, Fighting, Rock, Psychic, Poison Ice, Ghost, Water, Dark, Bug, Grass

Which is the Best Psychic and Ground type Pokemon?


From the above table, one can affirm that Claydol is the strongest Psychic-type Pokemon in the game. Claydol has higher stats and the best moves when compared to Baltoy. Though both Pokemon belong to the same type, Claydol’s evolution form gives it a massive advantage in battles. Claydol also has great CP and will be the best counter for raids and tier battles.

With shields, Claydol will become a menacing unit and can endure attacks for a long time. Baltoy will be a good pick for PvP battles against low-ranked units. Baltoy doesn’t have many counters and you can spend 50 candies to enhance its skills.

Psychic and Ground type is a rare dual type Pokemon in the game. In Pokemon Go, Psychic-type Pokèmon have plenty of dual-types in the Pokedex. As of now, there are only two Psychic and Ground type units in the Pokemon universe. 

That’s everything you need to know about the best Psychic Ground dual-type Pokemon. Find out everything about the upcoming Celebi game. 


Is Pokemon Go Free-to-play?

Yes, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play AR and RPG adventure for Android and iOS. In this colorful Pokemon game, you will play as a trainer and explore locations in the wild and real-world to catch different types of Pokemon to your party.

Is Psychic and Ground type Pokemon Effective?

Both Psychic and Ground type Pokemon are excellent ranged attackers. These Pokemon get movesets from both elements and will be an excellent counter for raids.

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