Want to dominate ranked battles of Pokemon Unite with Cinderace? Then, you have to use these skills and battle items.

Pokemon Unite ranked leagues are the most challenging. Players have to unleash the best teams with strong attackers and all-rounders to dominate the ranked mode battles on every map. Cinderace is one of the best options for ranged battles. Cinderace is an S-ranked attacker and this Pokemon has a high scoring rate and movement speed.

Cinderace Build Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Cinderace

Cinderace can be used in teams with the best speedsters and defenders. Pokemon Unite players can evolve Cinderace from Scorbunny and Raboot. Level 1 Scorbunny evolves to Raboot. Level 5 Raboot evolves to Cinderace. The best build for Pokemon Unite Cinderace can be unlocked with its battle items and skills.

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Build 


A build in Pokemon Unite needs all battle items and special skills. These buff your units throughout the battle and increase all their skills and stats including sp.Atk and sp.Def. Cinderace’s best movesets are here,

  • Blaze – Using a normal move turns the basic attack into a boosted attack. Attacking targets using the blaze move places a cinder on them
  • Ember – Shoots a small flame and deals massive damage. This move also applies the burn effects to opposite Pokemon
  • Pyro Ball – Kick a ball of flame and deal damage to enemies
  • Blaze Kick – Cinderace unleashes a fiery flying kick and jumps in the direction and releases a critical attack. Blaze Kick shoves the targets and also leaves them burned for a short time
  • Low Sweep – Makes a swift loew sweep and deals damage
  • Flame Charge – Charges forward cloaked in flame and attacks the Pokemon in range. Flame Charge reduces the movement speed for targets when the boosted attack is used
  • Feint – The buff skill increases mobility for Cinderace and makes them stronger for a short time
  • Blazing Bicycle Kick – This is the unite move for Cinderace and it rolls a giant ball of flame and kicks them towards enemies. The skill releases a fiery shock wave and boosts damage for the unit. Bicycle kick also enhances the mobility for a short time

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Battle Items 

Battle items grant bonus status effects to Pokemon.

  • Slow Smoke – The battle item releases cloud of smoke effects and reduces mobility for targets
  • Goal-Getter – Scoring rate is increased for Pokemon
  • Gravity Smoke – Shoots smoke and reduces mobility for targets

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Held Items 

Cinderace’s major weaknesses are poor support and defense. You can use these held items to boost its defense,

  • Focus Band – Whenever Cinderace’s hp drops, it can recover hp for 3 seconds. Focus Band also boosts Def and Sp.Def by +30
  • Buddy Barrier – Use the unite move to get shields for self and allies. Buddy Barrier boosts hp by +600
  • Assault Vest – Cinderace gets shield against Sp.ATK. Assault Vest grants HP+270 and Sp. Def +42

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Counters

  • Cinderace’s Strong Counters – Trevenant, Blastoise, Dodrio Wigglytuff
  • Cinderace’s Weak Counters – Comfey, Tyranitar, Aegislash, Goodra, Talonflame

With these battle items and abilities, the best build for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite will be unleashed. Cinderace is an epic unit with the best winning ratio as well.


How to Unlock Pokemon Unite Battle Items?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

Does Pokemon Unite Tier List Help?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

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