Ranking the Top Tier Crab and Lobster Pokemon for Battle!

What’s a Crab Pokemon? Are there any lobster Pokemon? Find out everything about these creatures.

In the Pokemon world, players can hunt thousands of species. Some of these Pokemon resemble animals, birds and other creatures as well. A plethora of Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet resemble both crab and lobster. Crab and Lobster Pokemon have tails, claws and other body parts similar to these creatures.

Pokemon players have witnessed dragon and fish like Pokemon over the years. But crab Pokemon are very rare to find in the wild and these are often found in the Paldea region. Lobster Pokemon frequently appear in Paldea and Kanto. Here’s all about the crab and lobster Pokemon tier list featuring the top-tier units.

Crab and Lobster Pokemon Tier ListAll Units Ranked

Crab Pokemon
Tier Pokemon 
SKrabby, Parasect, Corphish, Clauncher
AKabutops, Crawdaunt, Crustle, Crabrawler, Klawf
BKingler, Dwebble, Clawitzer, Crabominable
CParas, Kabuto

Best Crab and Lobster Pokemon for Battles

Here are the 5 strongest crab Pokemon that you can unleash during raids and regular battles.


The bug and grass type Pokemon has a mushroom on its body. Parasect evolves from Paras and is a mighty all-rounder in Pokemon games. Parasect has the best winning rate for raids and PvP battles. Effect Spore and Dry Skin are its best skills.


The Water-type Pokemon has a strong record against fire units. Krabby belongs to the river crab species and excels in every battle. Players can utilize the Sheer Force hidden ability and increase powers for all its moves.


Pokemon Clauncher is Generation 6 Pokemon and it looks like both lobster and shrimp. Clauncher is best used as a defender and its best move is Mega Launcher. The ability enhances the powers for all aura and pulse moves.


The bug and rock Pokemon from Generation 5 is an incredible fighter. Crustle evolves from Dwebble and primarily plays as an attacker. Crustle’s main move is Shell Armor and it negates critical hits from targets. Crustle is hailed as one of the best melee defenders in the game. Crustle spawns in areas with dry climate and it doesn’t come out during rainy days as well.


This crab-like Pokemon has rock element powers. Klawf is a Generation 9 Pokemon and plays as an All-Rounder. Klawf has a special skill that lets the Pokemon rotate its eyeballs and spot everything. The Pokemon uses its claws and stuns targets for a long time. Klawf lives in areas where sheer cliffs are there. With the Anger Shell move, Klawf gets boosted attacks and sp.Atk.

These Pokemon designs are highly inspired by crab and lobster. All these units can fight like regular Pokemon and have evolution forms as well. The world of Pokemon is so big that players can explore plenty of locations and discover mysterious creatures and secrets.


Can Crab Pokemon Battle against Others?

Yes, Crab Pokemon and Lobster Pokemon can take part in battles just like normal Pokemon. These Pokemon also have evolution forms.

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