Do you want to know the best fish type Pokemon? Scroll down and find out the 10 strongest fish Pokemon of all-time.

In Pokemon games, trainers catch thousands of Pokemon and add them to their Pokedex. Some Pokemon are inspired by anime and some are inspired by real-life. Apart from these, many Pokemon get their designs based on animals, birds and creatures. In Pokemon games, there are also many fish-type Pokemon.

Fish Pokemon look similar to fish and have body parts inspired by them. There are hundreds of fish-type Pokemon, but not every unit is powerful. Fish-type Pokemon have also appeared in top games like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Sun & Moon. Here are the top 10 fish Pokemon based on their skills and stats.

Top 10 Fish Pokemon 


This Water-type Pokemon resembles a heart and fish. Luvdisc is a generation 3 Pokemon that is strong in Sp. ATK and Speed. Swift Swim is the main skill that doubles the speed for the Pokemon during the rain weather. Luvdisc doesn’t have an evolution and these species live in shallow seas in the tropics.

Fish Pokemon


Chi-Yu is a strong dark and fire type Pokemon from generation 9. Chi-Yu has the control of fire attacks and burning effects. Beads of Ruin  skill reduces special defense for enemies. Chi-Yu is an excellent All-Rounder and one of the best fish-type Pokemon of all-time.


The Water-type Generation 7 Pokemon has poor speed and defense. But the strength of Wishiwashi is its atk and Sp. Atk. The best skill for the Pokemon is Schooling that transforms its form and enhances attacks.


Stunfisk is a strong defensive unit. The ground and electric type Pokemon also has a Galarian form and stuns targets with a special ability that allows the Pokemon to hide inside the mud of the seashore. The Galarian form of Stunfisk will be immune to all attacks and possesses lethal attacks.


This cute little jet Pokemon has powers of water element. Remoraid is an attacker and evolves into Octillery. The best skill of Remoraid is it can shoot multiple attacks from long-range and has excellent accuracy. Remoraid uses the moody skill to increase its stat.


Eelektross is a stunning unit that can shock targets and unleash its electric moves. Eelektross has the Levitate ability and you can use it to raise the unit like a flying Pokemon. Eelektross is a top-tier Pokemon and one of the strongest fish Pokemon.


Goldeen appears in all generation 1 games. The fish-type Pokemon is strong in offense and has high HP. The best skills for Goldeen are Swift Swim and Water Veil. These units boost the speed and avoid the burning damage in battles against fire type units and attacks.


A Tynamo Pokemon is as powerful as lightning. Tynamo is an electric Pokemon that looks like a rocket which is ready for its launch. Tynamo is strong as a defender and has excellent skills like Levitate. Tynamo has electricity and it discharges them in critical situations. Tynamo plays well with an attacker in its team and you can unleash its full potential with a powerful build.


Magikarp is a popular fish-type Pokemon and liked by millions of fans. Magikarp is a Generation 1 Pokemon and it inflicts massive Water-type damage. Magikarp evolves into Gyarados and you can double its speed in rain with the Swift Swim skill. Rattled is its hidden ability that boosts its speed by one stage whenever it’s hit by a Bug, Ghost or Dark types.


Carvanha is a dual-type Pokemon with powers of water and dark. This Generation 3 Pokemon excels in ranged attacks. Carvanha looks like a shark and is an aggressive Pokemon that will destroy anything that intrudes its place. The Rough Skin skill increases its damage and the Speed Boost ability boosts its speed for a long time.

These 10 units are the fan-favorite and strongest Fish-type Pokemon. Find out the interesting designs of scrapped Pokemon that were never released.


Can Fish type Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, fish type Pokemon can evolve just like normal Pokemon.

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