The New World Fury of the Spriggan Event is coming and there are lots of rewards you can get from it. Learn everything below.

New World’s Fury of the Spriggan event is just around the corner, promising exciting gameplay and exclusive rewards for players who take on the invading Dryads. From May 24th through June 13th, Aeternum’s bravest warriors will join forces to confront these woody enemies and save the land from the fury of the Spriggan. In this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare for the event, where to find the Dryad Shamans, and what rewards you can expect to earn.

Fury of the Spriggan Event
Fury of the Spriggan Event

Lore: The Wrath of the Earth

The Fury of the Spriggan event is not just a battle for loot and glory. It’s a struggle for the very soul of Aeternum. The Earth has been uneasy ever since the Ennead awoke, and the Dryads have gathered to summon a mighty Spriggan to strike down those who threaten the natural order. The Spriggan is a force of nature, a giant kin of the fauna who will stop at nothing to defend the land from corruption and destruction.

How to Participate in the Event

To join the Fury of the Spriggan event, all you need is a character level 20 or higher. Then, simply log in to New World during the event period (May 24th through June 13th) and look for the Dryad Shamans who will arrive on a regular basis to take out that fury.

You can encounter the Dryad Shamans in several locations throughout Aeternum, including Brightwood, Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove, Mourningdale, and Brimstone Sands. When you find them, be sure to construct Flame Braziers to strengthen your weapons before engaging in battle.

One strategy to keep in mind is that groups of 20 or more players can take on the Shamans that will spawn around these areas. Joining forces with other players will increase your chances of success and help you earn event-specific rewards.

How to Prepare for New World Fury of the Spriggan Event

To increase your chances of success in the Fury of the Spriggan event, you should take some time to prepare beforehand. Here are some tips:

Upgrade Your Weapons: The Dryad Shamans are tough opponents, so make sure your weapons are as powerful as possible. You can upgrade your weapons by visiting a Forge and using the resources you’ve gathered throughout your journey.

Stock Up on Consumables: During the event, you’ll face a lot of enemies, and you’ll need to keep your health and stamina high. Make sure you have plenty of food, potions, and other consumables to keep you going.

Join a Company: Joining a Company is a great way to meet other players and coordinate your efforts during the event. You can share resources, trade items, and support each other during battles.

What Rewards Can You Expect?

  • The Fury of the Spriggan event offers a range of rewards for players who participate. These rewards include:
  • Guaranteed Useful Items: You can earn a range of useful items during the event, including consumables and Obsidian Gypsum.
  • Event-Specific Rewards: Complete event-specific challenges and receive special rewards, including exclusive gear and weapons.
  • Major Loot: In addition to the guaranteed rewards, players have a chance to earn major loot during the event.

New World Fury of the Spriggan Event Rewards for Completing the Event

Each victory in the New World Fury of the Spriggan Event will yield one of the following rewards:

  • There’s a 50% chance of receiving a procedural weapon or armor piece suitable for your current level. The guaranteed rarity for these items is Rare or higher.
  • There’s a 30% chance of acquiring an item from the Global Named List.
  • There’s a 20% chance of obtaining an item from the Spriggan Arena Named List.

Additionally, there are several other guaranteed spoils that players can look forward to:

  • Various container resources can be obtained through a dice roll.
  • You’ll have a chance to receive consumables appropriate for your level, such as health and mana potions.
  • Each completion awards you with 1 Obsidian Gypsum, while adhering to the standard 3x loot limit.

New World Fury of the Spriggan Event Daily Bonus Rewards

While players have the opportunity to defeat the Spriggan multiple times within a day, they can only receive a maximum of 3 daily bonus rewards. These rewards reset at 5 AM local time. For instance, if a player claims their third Cache at 4:58 AM, they’ll be eligible to earn another at 5:01 AM.

Defeating the Spriggan will grant you a special Cache, which can be earned up to 3 times a day. The Cache contains event-specific loot, including:

1 event-exclusive Mossborne Weapon:

  • Guaranteed to possess Weapon Appropriate Attribute
  • Comes with an Empty Gem Slot
  • Features Angry Earth Bane Perk

1 event-exclusive Mossborne Armor Piece:

  • Guaranteed to have Armor Weight Appropriate Attribute
  • Contains an Empty Gem Slot
  • Possesses Angry Earth Ward Perk
  • 250 Umbral Shards
  • 3 to 5 Flame Cores

Triumphant players will also have the chance to roll for additional rewards:

  • A 33% chance to acquire one of 12 selected perk resources.
  • A 25% chance to obtain one of 6 exclusive Named items.
  • A 5% chance of receiving a Timeless Shard.
  • Lastly, there’s a 2% chance of acquiring the Spriggan Flame Brazier housing item with each roll. This percentage chance slightly increases after each attempt.
Fury of the Spriggan Event
Fury of the Spriggan Event


The Fury of the Spriggan event is a thrilling opportunity for New World players to band together and fight for the fate of Aeternum. By preparing your weapons, stocking up on consumables, and joining forces with other players, you can take on the Dryad Shamans and earn a variety of rewards.

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