Mafia City Redeem Codes – May 2022

Are you a Mafia fan and enjoy Mafia City? Here is a list of Mafia City Redeem Codes which will help you a lot in the game.

Mafia City was released for the first time on March 30, 2017. Through thieving, collecting, pawnbrokers, and other means, the player must eventually become a strong leader. Many Android and iOS users like playing it. It’s a year-round real-time interactive Turf War with daily skirmishes! Amass a collection of luxury automobiles to amaze both opponents and friends! In the street, race automobiles as you take out police cars attempting to stop your latest crime!

Mafia City is a real-time strategy game in which you must form alliances with other players and continually better yourself in order to take on more powerful opponents! Amazing Technology Trees that you’ll need to keep track of in order to get the best Crew Members. Guns, armored trucks, motorcyclists, knives, and individuals eager to fight with their bare hands are all present! Extensive maps with a variety of adversaries and unusual structures that are updated frequently. To become the Godfather, you’ll have to explore every day!

The players must conquer the land and train soldiers in this game. It is easy for them to redeem prizes when they use Mafia City Redeem Codes. Players who utilize these Mafia City Redeem codes can speed up their game progress and earn a variety of goodies.

Active Mafia City Redeem Codes

When you redeem a code, you will receive bonuses to help you improve your game. Developers, on the other hand, provide Mafia City Codes on many platforms. During holidays, vacations, special occasions, and other celebrations, they update more Mafia City Redemption Rewards Code.

  • HLXJTX – Get 100 gold, 5 red wine, and 1 lightning operation by redeeming this code.
  • FMBZJZ – Get 50 minutes construction boost, Training boost of 50 minutes, and 50 minutes speed boost by redeeming this code.
  • XKFWZB – Get 100 gold, 5 red wine, and 1 stardust by redeeming this code.
  • VPZXVD – Get 900 VIP points and VIP for 1 day by redeeming this code.
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How to get more Mafia City Redeem Codes

Mafia City Redeem Codes
Mafia City (Image credit: YottaGame)

There are many social media platforms where Mafia developers update their codes, including Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, and Twitter. Because the code may not be the same on every social media platform, make sure you check them all. As there are many players active on discord nowadays, you can type “codes” in the search bar and see what other players have posted.

On Reddit, Mafia City is also more active. Check out their sites and follow other gamers to stay up to speed on the latest codes. It is recommended that you utilize the codes provided by Mafioso rather than a random code. When game makers ask them to provide them as a promotion, YouTubers who are well-known game players also post updates on their channels regarding new codes. Also, have a look at streaming platforms. Twitch streamers are more likely to give out vouchers to their viewers.

How To Redeem Mafia City Codes

  • Go to the upper-left of the screen and tap on the profile icon.
  • Click on settings when the menu appears.
  • Tap on Redeem codes in the settings.
  • On your screen, you’ll see the redemption code.
  • Enter the redemption code in the text bar to claim your reward.
Mafia City Redeem Codes
Mafia City (Image credit: YottaGame)

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