In this article, we will guide you through the process of unlocking System Shock Robot Maintenance. Just follow the steps and find out everything.

To progress further in the game and disable SHODAN’s robot production, you need to unlock Robot Maintenance. This area holds vital information, including the code required to gain access to the maintenance section. Follow the steps outlined below to successfully unlock Robot Maintenance and accomplish your objective. 

By following these steps, you will gain access to the necessary code and information to disable SHODAN from producing more robots aboard the station. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this comprehensive guide will help you overcome the challenges and progress in System Shock.


System Shock Maintenance Robot

The Maintenance Robots, also known as “Beavers,” are enemies in System Shock. They possess strong armor and wield an electrical spark welder that can cause significant harm to humans. However, their slow shots and lack of accuracy can be exploited, especially when engaging them from a long range. The most effective weapon against these bots is the Armor-Piercing Bullets.

The first encounter with a Maintenance Bot occurs at the end of the MedSci Deck. While they become more infrequent later in the game, they are still prevalent on the Engineering Deck. Make sure to search the destroyed Maintenance Bots for salvageable equipment, such as Disposable Maintenance Tools and Anti-Radiation Hypos.

Finding Robot Maintenance Location

System Shock Robot Maintenance is in the Gamma Quadrant on Research Floor Two. To reach this area, you must first acquire the Science Access Keycard from the Beta Quadrant. Once you have the keycard, proceed to the door marked as ‘Robot Maintenance.’ Inside, you’ll come across a Junction Box puzzle and a locked door. Depending on your progress, you’ll need to either solve the puzzle or utilize the Group-3 Keycard to gain entry.

Within the Robot Maintenance room, you’ll also discover a Logic Probe. While it may seem tempting to use it to automatically solve the puzzle, it’s important to note that Logic Probes are limited resources. Therefore, save the probe for another occasion, as the keycard required for unlocking the door is in the adjacent room.

Acquiring the Group-3 Keycard

To obtain the Group-3 Keycard, you need to access the Computer Room in the Gamma Quadrant. This room houses the GPU Nodes crucial for your progression. Destroy the Nodes and take note of the number displayed on the red monitor. This information will prove valuable in later levels.

Upon exiting the Computer Room, turn left and enter the crawlspace. Inside, you’ll find a corpse. Search the corpse thoroughly, and you will discover the Group-3 Keycard among its belongings.

Unlocking System Shock Robot Maintenance

Return to the System Shock Robot Maintenance area and utilize the Group-3 Keycard to unlock the door. Once inside, you’ll encounter another locked door, this time requiring a keypad code for access. Enter the code “6-2-3” to gain entry to Robot Maintenance. Within this room, you will find the Junction Box puzzle that must be solved to deactivate robot production on the station.



By successfully unlocking System Shock Robot Maintenance, you have taken a significant step towards disabling SHODAN’s robot production on the space station. Remember to search defeated Maintenance Robots for valuable equipment and use Armor-Piercing Bullets to maximize your effectiveness against them. Utilize the detailed instructions provided in this guide to progress further in the game and accomplish your objectives.

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