Who does not love chocolate bread? The Tower of Fantasy players can make this dish and this guide will tell you how.

Are you looking for a new recipe to cook up for the character that not only satisfies your hunger but also gives you a temporary HP boost? Look no further than the delectable Chocolate Bread recipe.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about cooking Chocolate Bread in Tower of Fantasy, including the recipe and how to find the necessary ingredients. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to whip up this tasty 2-Star meal in no time.

Chocolate bread
Chocolate bread

Cooking in Tower of Fantasy

Cooking is an essential aspect of Tower of Fantasy gameplay. Not only does it allow you to create dishes that restore your character’s health, but it also grants temporary boosts to stats such as ATK, DEF, and CRIT rate.

In order to cook in the Tower of Fantasy, you will need to have a cooking station. These can be obtained by completing certain quests, or by purchasing them from the in-game shop. Once you have a cooking station, you can interact with it to begin cooking a variety of dishes.

When cooking, it’s important to pay attention to the recipe and ingredients required. Each dish has a different set of ingredients, and using the wrong ones will result in a failed dish. Additionally, different dishes have different cooking times, so be sure to plan accordingly.

The Tower of Fantasy Chocolate Bread Recipe

First, let’s go over the ingredients you’ll need to make Chocolate Bread in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 2x Cocoa Beans
  • 2x Brown Rice

Once you have gathered these ingredients, head over to the cooking station and interact with the stove. From there, select the Chocolate Bread recipe from the top-left menu and drag the required ingredients into the pot. Now just hit the Start Cooking button to begin cooking your delicious Chocolate Bread.

The Benefits of Chocolate Bread in Tower of Fantasy

Aside from satisfying your character’s hunger, Chocolate Bread also grants a temporary HP boost. When consumed, Chocolate Bread will immediately restore (16% +34,000) HP in Tower of Fantasy. This can be incredibly useful during battles. This makes it an essential dish to have in your inventory.

Finding Tower of Fantasy Chocolate Bread Ingredients 

While the Tower of Fantasy Chocolate Bread recipe itself is simple, finding the necessary ingredients can be a tiring task. Here are some tips to help you gather the required ingredients:

  • Cocoa Beans: Players will need to head to the mountainous region of Navia, located north of the Aesperia’s map, to find Cocoa Beans. They can find them by exploring the area and defeating enemies.
  • Brown Rice: Brown Rice can commonly available in the Navia region underneath Cetus Island and the surrounding area. Be sure to search thoroughly and defeat any enemies in your way.
Tower of Fantasy chocolate bread
Tower of Fantasy chocolate bread

Final Thoughts

Cooking up delicious Chocolate Bread is a rewarding experience. Not only is it a tasty treat, but it also grants a temporary HP boost that can be incredibly useful during battles. By following the recipe and finding the necessary ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up this 2-Star meal in no time. We hope you found this guide helpful in your Tower of Fantasy cooking journey. 

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