How to Get Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy

If you want to get the Tower of Fantasy black gold then this guide is for you. This guide will tell you the fastest way to get black gold.

In Tower of Fantasy, players can participate in gacha events by spending their in-game currency. This includes Dark Crystals, Nuclei, and a special currency known as Black Gold. Dark Crystals and Nuclei are easily obtainable through various gameplay activities. Tower of Fantasy Black Gold is unique as it is only obtainable by participating in gacha events.

Whenever a player summons a Special Order through the gacha system, they spend a Gold Nucleus. This is then converted into one token of Black Gold. Essentially, every Gold Nucleus spent on a gacha pull earns the player one Black Gold token, regardless of the outcome of the pull. This guide will tell you the fastest ways to get Tower of Fantasy black gold.

Black gold
Black gold

Gacha Pulls

It’s important to note that the value of the gacha pull’s result is often questionable. Players can receive a wide variety of items or weapons of varying rarity and usefulness. However, the guaranteed earning of Tower of Fantasy Black Gold through spending Gold Nuclei is a valuable incentive for players to participate in gacha events.

For example, if a player character in Tower of Fantasy uses 10 Gold Nuclei on the standard banner, their action will yield 10 Black Gold tokens. This means that even if they don’t receive any particularly valuable items from their pull, they will still have earned a significant amount of Black Gold. Then they can use it to exchange for other valuable in-game items or currency.

Weapon Store

Players who frequently participate in the game’s gacha system will get a good amount of Black Gold. This in-game currency can then be spent at the Weapon Store. It specializes in a range of weapon upgrade materials, such as elemental shards, that can be acquired within a specific daily limit. As its name suggests, the Weapon Store also retails various armaments, with prices that vary according to their rarity. The least expensive ones are the R weapons, while the SSR weapons can set players back as much as 120 Black Gold apiece.

Players will also observe that only weapons they possess are accessible for purchase at the Weapon Store. This is because the shop only provides duplicate versions of items. These are already obtained by players via the Special Order gacha in the game. While some may find this information discouraging, this aspect can undoubtedly be advantageous to others. For those striving to maximize the capabilities of their Simulacra, being able to get Black Gold to obtain duplicates without relying on gacha is a blessing.

Weapon store
Weapon store

Fastest Way to Get Tower of Fantasy Black Gold 

The issue arises as to how gamers can get Tower of Fantasy Black Gold. Gold Nuclei can be considered identical to Black Gold. This means that acquiring Gold Nuclei is equivalent to farming Black Gold. In simpler terms, if Tower of Fantasy players wishes to quickly farm Black Gold, they must obtain or purchase Gold Nuclei while playing the game.

One of the fastest ways to acquire Gold Nuclei and Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy is by purchasing them through the Dark Crystal exchange with real money. This approach may seem like a convenient option for players seeking to boost their combat performance above average. It is not always recommended, given the abundance of opportunities within the game to accumulate Gold Nuclei through various activities. These include achievements, exploration, and milestones.

In Tower of Fantasy, players have the chance to obtain Gold Nuclei by completing a range of in-game accomplishments. These include finishing missions, leveling up their characters, and participating in daily activities. Additionally, the game offers a variety of events and contests that can reward players with large quantities of Gold Nuclei and other valuable in-game currencies.

Apart from that, the Tower of Fantasy provides numerous ways for players to explore its vast world. Players will uncover hidden treasures that can be sold for Gold Nuclei. Players can scour the game’s vast landscapes for rare resources and sell them for profit. They can also hunt down powerful monsters that drop valuable loot.

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