Looking for Orange Pebbles? In this guide, we will tell you how to get all Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Pebbles. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest update has introduced several exciting additions. This includes the Orange Potato, which players can get by discovering 20 Orange Pebbles. Unlike the previous hidden potato quests that were colorful and required minimal effort, this one demands more effort to collect.

The Orange Potato is an ingredient that is obtainable without any prompts. Players can craft an Electrifying Orange Potion at the crafting station, but it necessitates the use of the Orange Potato ingredient without any information on how to obtain it. To obtain this enigmatic item, players must locate 20 Orange Pebbles inside the Dreamlight Castle.

Before collecting the Orange Pebbles, a few prerequisites must be completed. If the player has not yet obtained the Lenses of Shadow from Scrooge’s level 10 friendship quest, they should complete that first. Additionally, if the player has not yet collected the Golden, Red, and Blue potatoes, they must do so before the pebbles become available.


All Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Pebbles Locations

To locate the Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Pebbles, they must be visible, and the only way to accomplish this is by donning the Lenses of Shadow, a Glasses item earned during Scrooge’s level 10 friendship quest. Once equipped, the Orange Pebbles will be visible while wandering around. However, due to their small size and ability to blend in, finding all 20 pebbles is a challenging task.

Even though the pebbles are only present in the Dreamlight Castle, they are also available in the other realms, with the exception of the Lion King realm. When you approach a pebble, a “???” prompt will appear, allowing you to collect it. The locations of each pebble are provided in the table below.

Dreamlight CastleThree
Dreamlight Castle – Mickey’s RoomThree
Moana RealmFour
Ratatouille RealmOne
Frozen RealmThree
Wall-E RealmTwo
Toy Story RealmFour

The Orange Potato

The Orange Potato is an item that can be made if all 20 Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Pebbles have been gathered. Create the Orange Potato by going to a crafting station and selecting the Functional Items option while you are there. After that, you will need an empty vial to produce the Electrifying Orange Potion, so make sure you craft one if you don’t already have one, as it is a requirement for making the potion.

If you find the process of making a vial to be too time consuming, you can try purchasing one from Kristoff’s Stall instead. After those two components have been prepared, you can move on to the next step of the process, which is to make the Electrifying Orange Potion from the Functional Items page. 

Electrifying Orange Potion
Electrifying Orange Potion

The secret mission is considered to have been finished after the player has created the Electrifying Orange Potion. There is currently no verified use for the Electrifying Orange Potion that can be found. It is just said in the description that this is not your average potato smoothie and that it is bursting with electric magic; this suggests that it may have some applications in the future.

It is presumably connected to the other mysterious potions that were produced from the various colored potatoes, and it will most likely have some use that combines both of them. Nonetheless, for the time being, players of Disney Dreamlight Valley can continue on with their Valley duties as they wait for the next mission involving the strange potato.

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