Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories quests can be very difficult to complete. This guide will help you in completing it easily.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an attractive virtual world where players can go on various quests and adventures. One of the most interesting quest lines in the game is called “Forgotten Memories,” introduced by the beloved Fairy Godmother. In this guide, we will provide you with a walkthrough on how to complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories quest. You can then unlock their secrets and experience the storyline they offer.

Hideous Bouquet
Hideous Bouquet

How to Unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Quests

To begin the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories quests, players need to complete a quest. This quest is known as “Miracles Take Time,” given by the Fairy Godmother. This quest is not very long, but the time it takes to finish may vary depending on how many Night Shards are available in the game. Night Shards are important because they make Purified Night Shards. You need these to progress through the quests.

Once you successfully finish the Miracles Take Time quest, the Fairy Godmother will open the entrance to the Dreamscape. She will tell you about three memories that you can explore: Trust, Nurturing, and Friendship. Your job as a player is to embody The Forgotten character and experience those memories again by completing the quests associated with them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories: Friendship

The first quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories is the Friendship quest. When you enter the memory portal, you will be transported to the peaceful and beautiful Peaceful Meadow. There, you will meet Mickey Mouse, who is waiting for you. Alongside Mickey, you will also be joined by Goofy and Minnie Mouse. Together, you will have different tasks to complete.

Mickey’s task is to gather dying flowers that are scattered all around the meadow. These flowers will be used to create a bouquet for Minnie Mouse. But, it might have a somewhat sad feeling to it. Goofy, on the other hand, needs your help in collecting ingredients for a dish that both of you will cook together. Minnie’s role is to keep an eye on you and make sure you are doing okay throughout the quest. She cares about your well-being.

Completing these tasks is not too difficult. However, it’s important to remember that The Forgotten character is feeling overwhelmed and sad, and these emotions are reflected in the Valley. So, expect the quest to have a somewhat melancholic tone, reflecting the state of The Forgotten’s memories.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories: Trust

The Trust Forgotten Memory quest is the next part of the exciting adventure that awaits you. To start on this quest, you will enter the Glade of Trust through a portal, where you will meet Mother Gothel from Disney Dreamlight Valley. She needs your assistance in recovering a special mirror that has fallen into the lake.

Your task is to go fishing in the various ponds scattered throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley until you find the jewel-encrusted mirror. It may take some time and exploration, as the mirror’s location is different for each player. Once you successfully locate the mirror, bring it back to Mother Gothel to continue the quest. During your conversation with her, be aware that Mother Gothel may try to manipulate The Forgotten character by planting negative thoughts and emotions towards other characters.

Overcoming these manipulative tendencies is an important step in collecting the memory and progressing further in the Forgotten Memories quests. It signifies the resilience and strength of The Forgotten character, and it brings you closer to unraveling the secrets of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

By successfully completing the Trust Forgotten Memory quest, you move one step closer to discovering the truth. You will find out the truth behind The Forgotten and experience the thrilling conclusion of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories storyline. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories: Nurturing

Prepare yourself for the final adventure within the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories questline as you get into the Nurturing memory. As with the previous quests, begin by speaking with Fairy Godmother, who will grant you access to the portal leading to this memory. Once through the portal, you will find yourself in the picturesque Sunlit Plateau, where an encounter with Scar awaits.

Scar will seek your aid in a two-part task. First, he will ask you to locate and crush eight flowers scattered throughout the area. Step on each flower to crush it and weaken a pillar nearby. This step should be completed swiftly and efficiently. Once all the flowers are crushed, return to Scar to receive the next part of the quest.

In the following stage, Scar will request that you plant Night Thorn seeds in specific locations: around the Dreamlight Fruit Tree, the Pillar of Nurturing, and the Mine entrance near the waterfall. Use the provided shovel to dig holes and carefully plant the seeds as instructed. To ensure their growth, remember to water all the seeds diligently.

Upon fulfilling these requirements, The Forgotten character will be rewarded with the Orb of Nurturing, symbolizing the completion of the Nurturing memory. Return to Scar once more to conclude the Forgotten Memories questline on a satisfying note.

By successfully navigating the Friendship, Trust, and Nurturing memories, you have started on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and resilience. The Forgotten Memories questline will forever hold a special place in your Disney Dreamlight Valley adventure, allowing you to unravel the engaging story and experience the true essence of the Forgotten character.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Talking to fairy Godmother
Talking to fairy Godmother

Upon completing all three Forgotten Memories quests, players will progress to the next portion of the main storyline in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The following quest, titled “What’s Left Behind,” is initiated by the Fairy Godmother and promises thrilling encounters with The Forgotten, offering an opportunity to engage directly with this mysterious character.

To experience the enthralling conclusion of the main storyline, continue diligently completing the main story quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Start on this unforgettable journey through the Forgotten Memories quests and witness the magic of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Discover the power of friendship, trust, and nurturing as you go through the memories of The Forgotten.

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