How to beat The Butcher in Diablo 4

In this guide, we will tell you how to beat The Butcher Diablo 4. There are a few tips and tricks that will help you in this fight.

As you venture forth into Diablo 4’s dark dungeons, you might anticipate the usual group of enemies to overcome in pursuit of quests and rewards. However, there’s always the chance that you’ll come face-to-face with the fearsome cleaver-wielding monstrosity known as The Butcher. 

This savage behemoth charges recklessly at you upon appearing, determined to send you packing back to the dungeon’s entrance. Though defeating him is no easy feat, with the right strategy in place, victory is possible. Read our guide below that will tell you how to take down The Butcher Diablo 4.


How to Beat The Butcher Diablo 4

When it comes to taking down The Butcher Diablo 4, your class and equipment loadout will play a crucial role in determining your success. That said, there are two essential principles that all players should keep in mind: deal as much damage as possible and avoid taking any hits at all costs.

Bear in mind that The Butcher’s power scales with your character’s level. So, while he remains a formidable foe, you need not worry about facing a level 25 Butcher when you’re only level 10. It’s worth noting, however, that unless you’re using specific level-locked gear or spells, leveling up your character won’t make a significant difference in this fight.

The Butcher’s primary attack involves charging at your character and relentlessly pummeling you with his lethal cleavers. Given his frenzied assault, dodging his blows is easier said than done. To mitigate his damage output, you’ll need to utilize shields, barriers, and any other defensive measures at your disposal. As an example, Sorcerers can leverage their Ice Armor skill to great effect, while other classes can take advantage of equipment perks that provide similar defensive benefits.

You can retreat if you want

While The Butcher’s charge attack can be intimidating, it’s worth noting that he’s not exactly Usain Bolt. If you need to, don’t hesitate to retreat while you wait for your cooldowns to refresh. Taking a strategic breather can give you a crucial window to activate abilities or consume health potions, which could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Speaking of health potions, don’t be shy about using them in this fight. You’ll need every drop you can get, and if you spot any shrines in the area, make sure to activate them as well to boost your chances of survival.

Beyond that, your primary objective is to deal as much damage to The Butcher Diablo 4 as possible, while making sure to heal up after each attack phase. Certain skills and builds, such as the Sorcerer’s hydras, Necromancer’s undead armies, and Rogue’s Shadow Imbuement, can all prove highly effective in this regard. However, be sure to select gear perks that complement your chosen tactics for maximum impact.

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