How to Beat Flux Construct II and III in Tears of the Kingdom

Master II and III Flux Construct Tears Kingdom boss fights with our expert tips! Learn how to beat these challenging enemies and conquer the game.

In this guide, we will tell you how to conquer Flux Construct Tears Kingdom Boss. As powerful variants of the first Flux Construct miniboss, these powerful enemies require a strategic approach and careful execution to emerge victorious. Learn the specific tactics and techniques necessary to defeat both II III Flux Construct Tears Kingdom Boss. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to overcome these challenging encounters.


Tips for Fighting II Flux Construct Tears Kingdom

Flux Construct II introduces a range of new abilities and behaviors, demanding adaptability from players. Here, we will outline effective strategies to counter each form of II Flux Construct Tears Kingdom.

Humanoid Form

Flux Construct II initiates each battle in its humanoid form, which exhibits more erratic behavior compared to its predecessor. When preparing for its fist-slamming attack, the boss now warps closer to you, adding an element of surprise. However, retreating from this attack, as you would against Flux Construct I, remains a viable strategy.

The boss may also attempt to rush and trample you if you get too close. To avoid this, maintain a safe distance and promptly sprint away when it charges.

Utilizing the Ultrahand on the glowing green cube is even more crucial during encounters with Flux Construct II. The boss’s increased mobility and inclination to hide the green cube behind indestructible blocks necessitate the frequent use of the Ultrahand. By manipulating the surrounding blocks and targeting the weak point with precision, you can effectively exploit the boss’s vulnerabilities. Capitalize on the moments when the boss keeps its fists down after the slamming attack to employ this strategy.

Arrows can still be advantageous in stunning the boss when used on the green cube, creating a significant opening to dislodge the cube with the Ultrahand. However, the success of this tactic relies on the positioning of the green cube and the availability of higher vantage points to trigger bullet time.

Cube Form

While the cube form of Flux Construct I posed minimal challenges, Flux Construct II significantly intensifies the encounter. The cube form now tilts more rapidly, making it harder to aim accurately at the smaller green cube with the Ultrahand. Additionally, the boss gains the ability to fly up and slam down, creating a damaging shockwave. As a result, maintaining distance from the boss no longer guarantees safety, and you must be prepared to sprint away when it takes flight.

Although the slam attack theoretically presents an opportune moment to strike, the green cube often faces away from you upon landing. Complicating matters, the boss recovers swiftly, making it challenging to clear the surrounding blocks with the Ultrahand before it resumes its movement, obscuring the green cube from view.

However, removing the surrounding blocks remains beneficial as it facilitates targeting the green cube. Additionally, shooting the green cube to stun the boss proves even more effective in this form than in the humanoid form. When the boss is stunned, it often positions itself with the green block at the top, typically surrounded by other blocks. Despite the need for precise timing, this strategy serves as the most reliable method to temporarily immobilize the boss, granting you the opportunity to clear the way with the Ultrahand and seize the green block.

Flying Rectangular Form

The strategy for confronting the flying rectangular form of Flux Construct II differs significantly from its Flux Construct I counterpart. While the boss still launches blocks at you, it now remains airborne, reminiscent of the Gleeoks. Furthermore, the green cube is positioned at the top, rendering it unreachable even with long-range arrows.

This phase presents the most intricate puzzle in the fight, especially during your initial encounter. However, a simple solution exists. After the boss hurls its blocks, stand on one of them and employ Recall to transport yourself directly to the top of the boss. Seize this opportunity to unleash melee attacks on the green cube, scattering the blocks and leaving the weak point exposed for an extended period.

Tips for Fighting III Flux Construct Tears Kingdom


III Flux Construct Tears Kingdom enemy closely mirrors the behavior of Flux Construct II, with a few notable differences. Higher health and damage characterize this encounter, along with a crucial new addition. During the humanoid and cube phases, the green block periodically swaps places with one of the other blocks, demanding swift action to keep the weak point susceptible to the Ultrahand before it teleports out of reach. Additionally, the boss exhibits a faster recovery rate for removed blocks.

The overall strategies employed against Flux Construct II remain largely effective against Flux Construct III, albeit requiring greater efficiency. Once you successfully secure the green cube with the Ultrahand, your victory is virtually assured. Even if the green cube teleports, the Ultrahand retains its grip, enabling you to shake it loose without any interruptions.

Flux Construct Tears Kingdom Fight Rewards

Upon defeating either II or III Flux Construct Tears Kingdom enemies, they will drop more potent variations of the Flux Construct Core, which can be fused to enhance your weapons. In addition to the customary Zonai charges, you may occasionally acquire Zonai capsules, useful for crafting devious contraptions. 

Engaging with Flux Constructs is often a prerequisite for shrine quests or obtaining Sage’s Wills to upgrade your sage’s attack power. Consequently, hunting down these formidable enemies will significantly facilitate your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough.

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