Here is the Honkai Impact Elysia guide that will tell you about those things that you are not aware of. Therefore, read it till the end.

A co-leader of The Thirteen Flame-Chasers, Elysia is one of the 13 Flame-Chasers. In Chapter 25, Raiden Mei encounters an avatar of her memory who acts as a guide around the Elysian Realm. Her codename is “Ego”. Since there is very less information about Elysia, you can learn more about her in this article. We are going to tell you about her combat skills, appearance, her age, and much more. Therefore, read the Honkai Impact Elysia Guide till the end. 


Honkai Impact Elysia Guide: Revelation and Age

Elysia’s role as the 13th Herrscher of the Previous Era is made clear at the conclusion of Chapter 3. She was born on November 11, but her age is unknown.

Honkai Impact Elysia Guide: Weapon

Among the new characters in the game, Elysia is the first female DPS to use a bow in an action RPG. She embarks on the Hyperion with a farmable S-rank battlesuit, equipped with a whisper of the past bow and the pristine elf stigma set.

Honkai Impact Elysia Guide: Combat basics

Her basic attacks attach crystal seeds to enemies, making them more susceptible to her offensive maneuvers. If you’re wondering how helpful she will be in combat, you might find it helpful to know that when you use them, they attach crystal seeds to them.

Honkai Impact Elysia Guide: Abilities

Her other ability is the cupid’s bolt, which when fired at an enemy with a seed attached, explodes and causes massive damage to nearby seeds. This triggers a chain reaction across the whole force.


If that weren’t enough, Elysia’s ultimate allows her to build a crystalline dome off of which her arrows bounce, striking targets numerous times and dealing heavy damage.

Facial appearance 

A low ponytail is tied around Elysia’s light pink hair. On the right side of her head, she has a large hair clip with a light blue gem: the same color as her eyes. Her hair curls at the tips and extends past her shoulders. Her pupils are pink like her hair. The procedure that turned her into a MANTIS resulted in her having small elf ears.


With long black stockings and a black top, Elysia wears a little off-the-shoulder black shawl, along with a white top and black shorts. Her sleeve is decorated with purple layered frills and a shoulder plate, while her other arm is covered with a black glove. Her waist is covered with a white, black, and lilac cape trimmed with fur.

Elysia’s relationship with Kevin Kaslana

Elysia appears to be close to Kevin Kaslana based on information within the Elysian Realm. In high school, Kevin was “The Prince”. She knows Kevin so well that Dr. MEI herself asked Kevin how he met her. As a result of him beating her in training and the rumor that he would join because of MEI, she attempted to find and meet him by disguising herself as a maid at Tradition Night.


Friendly appearance 

When she does speak negatively about someone, she does so in the lightest of ways. She is a friendly presence and tries to make the trial a welcoming place for Mei. She is light-hearted enough to make jokes from time to time. In spite of her friendly appearance, Elysia also maintains a mysterious distance. Eden claims that Elysia rarely lies to anyone, but keeps secrets to herself. On the other hand, Moibius claims that Elysia is a traitor.

Elysia’s rank in Flame Chasers

A co-lead for the Flame Chasers, Elysia is very cheerful and optimistic, often praising others. She is friendly and warm but still keeps a distance in order to keep secrets. Despite this, Mobius has called her a traitor.

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