With the help of the Clash of Clans Troops Tier List, you will easily select the strongest troops in the game to battle against your opponents.

One of the most important aspects of Clash of Clans is building a strong army. Knowing which troops to use is critical for success. Clash of Clans features a wide variety of troops, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

To help players make informed decisions when building their armies, we have created a Clash of Clans Troops tier list. This tier list ranks the troops from best to worst, helping players understand which troops are the most effective and versatile.


Clash of Clans Troops Tier List

When it comes to building the perfect army in Clash of Clans, it’s important to know which troops are the most effective in different situations. That’s where the Clash of Clans Troops Tier List comes in. There are five tiers, with each tier representing a different level of performance and versatility for the troops. Read the Clash of Clans Troops Tier List below to know which troops are the strongest.

SS Tier

The top tier in the  Clash of Clans Troops tier list is the SS tier. It includes the best troops in the game. These troops have exceptional overall performance and versatility, making them superior to other troops. When players have SS tier troops in their army, they have a higher chance of success in battles and can take on even the toughest bases.

MinionDark Elixir
BowlerDark Elixir
Sneaky GoblinSuper Troops
Super BowlerSuper Troops
Super Wall BreakerSuper Troops
Sneaky ArcherBuilder Base
Cannon CartBuilder Base
Rocket BalloonClan Capital
Sneaky ArcherClan Capital

S Tier

Next in the  Clash of Clans Troops tier list is the S tier. It includes troops that are still great but not quite as versatile and powerful as the SS tier. Players can rely on S tier troops in many situations, but they may not always be able to beat the strongest bases on their own.

Baby DragonElixir
Dragon RiderElixir
Hog RiderDark Elixir
GolemDark Elixir
Ice GolemDark Elixir
Super WizardSuper Troops
Super ArcherSuper Troops
Rocket BalloonSuper Troops
Super MinerSuper Troops
Super MinionSuper Troops
Beta MinionBuilder Base
Night WitchBuilder Base
Baby DragonBuilder Base
Hog GliderBuilder Base
Hog RaiderClan Capital
Raid CartClan Capital
Flying FortressClan Capital
Super WizardClan Capital
Battle RamClan Capital

A Tier

The A tier includes troops that are useful in certain scenarios but not quite as good as the best troops. Players may need to use a combination of A tier troops and other troops to successfully take on some bases.

Electro DragonElixir
Wall BreakerElixir
Electro TitanElixir
ValkyrieDark Elixir
Lava HoundDark Elixir
WitchDark Elixir
HeadhunterDark Elixir
Super BarbarianSuper Troops
Super WitchSuper Troops
Raged BarbarianBuilder Base
Boxer GiantBuilder Base
BomberBuilder Base
Super PEKKABuilder Base
Super DragonClan Capital
Super PEKKAClan Capital
Minion HordeClan Capital
Super BarbarianClan Capital
Super GiantClan Capital

B Tier

The B tier in the  Clash of Clans Troops tier list includes troops that are only effective under specific conditions. These troops may be useful in certain situations, but they are not reliable enough to use on their own in most battles.

Super GiantSuper Troops
Super DragonSuper Troops
Inferno DragonSuper Troops
Mountain GolemClan Capital
Inferno DragonClan Capital

C Tier

Finally, there’s the C tier, which includes the least effective troops in the game. These troops are almost impossible to beat strong bases with, and players will need to rely on SS, S, or A tier troops if they want to have any chance of success.

Super ValkyrieSuper Troops
Ice HoundSuper Troops
Skeleton BarrelsClan Capital

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