Beegarde Location Palworld – This Easy Trick Lets You Catch Unlimited Beegrade!

Beegarde locations Palworld: Can you catch Palworld Beegarde Pal? Is Beegarde rare? What’s the best location to capture Beegarde Pal? Find out everything.

Palworld is a massive open world survival game. Here, players have to travel with companions called Pals and craft items to survive in the dangerous realms and dungeons. In the Wildlife, you have to travel with Pals through tricky locations. Pals with special skills can help you overcome heat and cold weather. With the matchups and charts, you can choose Pals to overcome difficult challenges.

A Grass-type Pal like Beegarde is rare to find in the game.  Beegarde is a territorial pal and it’s hard for players to catch this pal as it runs from the spot quickly. You have to use some weapons or equipment to catch a Beegarde Pal. Beegarde spawns in many spots on the Palpagos Island all over the day. For its multiple work suitability, Beegarde will be one of the best Pals to have in your party. Here’s all about Palworld Beegarde locations, tricks to catch Beegarde and more.

Best Palworld Beegarde Locations

Beegarde with its unique appearance and features will resemble an angel. It holds a magical wand like a stick. Beegarde is another version of Elizabee and is one of the best sources to get Honey. Here are the best Palworld locations with high spawning rates to catch Beegarde,

  • Mount Flopie Summit
  • Mossanda Forest
  • Mountain Stream Grotto

Beegarde frequently spawns in these locations during both day and night. You can capture unlimited Beegarde in these spots. With a fire-type Pal, you can tame and catch Beegarde. While catching a Beegarde, you have to use a weapon or tool as the Pal can quickly launch attacks and you tame the Pal while it’s half asleep.

Is Palworld Beegarde Good?

Beegarde is a top-tier grass type Pal for all stages of the game. The best partner skill, Worker Bee, can be used to farm unlimited Honey from the Ranch facility. Beegarde drops Honey while capturing and you will get more honey after assigning the pal at a Ranch. The partner skill also boosts the powers of Elizabee Pal, the legendary version of Beegarde. The other main skill is Bee Quiet and this exclusive skill creates an explosion and launches heavy attacks. Beegarde can handle multiple tasks at a time. The work suitability includes,

  • Medicine Production
  • Planting
  • Farming
  • Gathering
  • Transporting
  • Lumbering
  • Handiwork

Beegrade and Elizabee are the best duo in the game. Palworld players can catch a wild or normal Elizabee while hunting down a Beegarde. Beegarde is effective against ground type Pals, but it is highly vulnerable against fire pals in the game. 

That’s everything you need to know about the secrets of catching Palworld Beegarde and locations. You can farm sulfur with these tips.


How to Unlock Palworld Kindling Skills?

You can capture fire-type Pals to unlock the Kindling skills. Pals with Kindling skills can be assigned to the kitchen and primitive furnace. These Pals are also ideal for making campfire and mining ores. Kindling Pals are the strongest attacking units in Palworld.

Can you Use Palworld Mods?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

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