Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide – How to Setup Multiplayer and More

We have brought you the Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide. We have also mentioned how to setup multiplayer and also how to start the game if you are new.

Starbreeze Studios developed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and 505 Games published it for iOS, Android, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Windows Phone, and Nintendo Switch. Fantasy creatures such as orcs and trolls populate the world of the game. This plot revolves around two brothers who are on a quest to find a cure for their father’s illness. The game received excellent reviews.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is told from the perspective of a third-person observer looking down on the two brothers. Two thumbsticks on the controller are used to maneuver the brothers separately. The controller triggers force the appropriate brother to interact with the game world, such as conversing with a non-player character or grasping a ledge or item. The older brother is the more powerful of the two, able to pull levers and lift his younger brother to higher places, while the younger brother can pass through tight bars.

The player advances by controlling both brothers at the same time to solve numerous puzzles, which frequently need the player to control both brothers to fulfill different roles. The game will restart at a recent checkpoint if either brother falls from a considerable height or is hurt. The tale is told through movements, gestures, and emotions because all the in-game conversations are spoken in a fictitious language based on Lebanese Arabic. Below, we have provided a small Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide and also explained how to set up multiplayer.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: Explore

Despite the fact that the game is simple in many aspects, the player who wants to engage with the world will find much to see and do. It’s vital to keep in mind that there are no treasures, upgrades, or other bonuses available through exploring. It’s enough to see their interactions with one another and how they react to their surroundings.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: How to start?

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide
Brothers a tale of two sons (Image credit: Steam)

Do not worry if you face difficulty at the starting of the game. We will help you so that you can begin the journey with ease.

The walk starts in the main plaza of the hamlet. When the old lady in the rocking rocker sees the scroll, she will point down the way. Those that take the time to explore the game will have a good time, but there isn’t much else to do but walk down the road.

Follow the walk down to where the man is working on the shrubs beside the well and adjacent to the house. Push the gate to his right open and pass through. Cross the bridge or walk down to the right to have some fun with the harpist, then wade through the shallow water and up the hill on the other side of the gate. Follow the way down and around to the ledge immediately above the hay field that was just harvested.

How to cross the Hay Field?

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide
Brothers a tale of two sons (Image credit: Steam)

The hay field is guarded by a dog, so getting across safely will require some cooperation. Make a baited brother run across the field to the next rock ledge or hay bale. Have the other brother cross to another ledge or hay bale while the dog is focused on one brother, then activate that brother to draw the dog to him. Back and forth until both brothers are safe across the field, with one brother distracting the dog while the other runs.

After the brothers have waded through the field, climb up the branches near the waterfall. Cross the rocks and jump onto the ledge when you reach the top. Play alley-oop with little brother and have him jump on the ladder before big brother releases the rope. On the rock wall, climb the grassy ledges (hold the activate button for two seconds, then release it to leap).

How to cross the Raised Bridge?

Little brother can lower the bridge by putting him in the large hamster wheel. Put a sheep in a hamster wheel and have big brother carry the sheep back across the bridge. Now that the sheep have been displaced, the brothers can continue up. You can climb the rocks to a point where you need to make your way around a corner to the right, with your back against the wall. From here you can continue your journey and enjoy the game. Do not forget to read the multiplayer setup below.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: Multiplayer setup

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide
Brothers a tale of two sons (Image credit: Steam)

Are you interested in playing this game with a friend or a partner? Unless you enjoy sharing a controller, that’s the only approved method. To play together, however, you can use two controllers!

  • Turn on two controllers and sign in to distinct profiles on each of them.
  • Go to the Xbox Accessories app on your phone or tablet.
  • Turn on co-pilot for the controller associated with the profile you’d like to earn achievements for (the first player is the only one to receive achievements). Turn on the co-pilot by clicking the three dots under the controller portrait.
  • Take part in the game!

Both players, of course, have control over both characters. So, one of you controls the big brother with the left stick + LT, while the other controls the younger brother with the right stick + RT. It’s ideal to hold the controller in one hand (the left or right hand, depending on whom you control). It prevents you from resisting the impulse to utilize both sticks.

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