Black Desert Online 32-bit support is going to end! You hear it right, You will not be able to play in the 32-bit any longer. Read more details below.

Black Desert Online updates, also known as patches, are releases that add new content, fix bugs, and make balance changes to the game. These updates can include new events, new classes or class changes, new areas or quests, and various other features or improvements. They may also address issues with the game such as bugs, glitches, or balance issues. Black Desert Online releases updates on a regular basis in order to keep the game fresh and enjoyable for players.

A new update to Black Desert Online will end support for 32-bit systems and discourage the use of DirectX 9. This announcement was made alongside the latest update, which opens events, changes some classes, updates some controls and animations, and introduces the new season of Arena of Solare.  When will it stop and what are more details that you should know? Learn everything about Black Desert Online 32-bit support below in this article.


When will Black Desert Online 32-bit support end?

32-bit operating systems will no longer be supported by Black Desert Online from Wednesday, February 1st.

Most players will not be affected by the changes because Pearl Abyss has analyzed the data and determined that they use 64-bit systems and at least DirectX 11. In a similar move, other studios have modernized and ended support for old systems, freeing developers to utilize their capabilities without having to deal with old systems. The support for DirectX 9 isn’t officially over, but they still recommend that you update to DirectX 11.

Latest Update

With this week’s update, several classes now have more control over their animations. To make movement feel a little more natural, they have revamped some basic movements like forwarding, backwarding, or turning left or right, along with improved animations that correspond to them. In addition to Shai, Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Corsair, Sage, Drakania, and Woosa, this update affects the following classes.

Some of the changes and fixes in addition to the usual round of balance adjustments and fixes are particularly noteworthy, including a detailed pass for Drakania Awakening. Her forms have been updated differently, with skill tweaks to differentiate their feel. The Hexblood form is enhanced with more precision for repeated strikes, and the Dragonblood form is enhanced with more power and feel.

Besides the opening of the new season of Arena of Solare in this week’s update, there are several other highlights in the update. The opening follows a pre-season in which new characters were introduced, a new match system was introduced, and new Battlefields were introduced, so now the season is underway and all ranks will remain unchanged. 

You can even get new outfits and titles if you perform well in matches, along with other Rewards. You can also prepare for competition by playing practice mode.


What is 32-bit support?

32-bit support refers to the ability of a game to run on a computer with a 32-bit operating system (OS) and/or to utilize 32-bit hardware and software. Some older games may only have 32-bit support, while newer games may support both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. In general, 64-bit systems are more powerful and efficient than 32-bit systems, so many games are now moving away from 32-bit support in favor of 64-bit.

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