Is there a Pokemon with Ice and Electric powers? What’s the best Ice Electric Pokemon? Find out everything.

Finding a strong dual-type unit in the Pokemon franchise helps you dominate the meta. The Pokedex has more than 1000 Pokemon including 300+ dual-type units. A dual Pokemon can utilize powers of two elements. An ice and electric type is a rare dual-type in the Pokedex. One can freeze the targets and other than electrocute enemies and exploit their weaknesses.

Pokémon with ice and electric powers can shock targets and freeze them. This dual-type Pokemon will be a powerful addition to your party. As of now, there are only 2 ice/electric Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. Just like Psychic Ground Pokemon, this combination will be powerful as well. Here’s all about the top 2 ice and electric Pokemon, moves and playing style.

Best Ice Electric Pokemon 

The two ice and electric type Pokemon are Arctozolt and Frost Rotom. Arctozolt is a Gen 8 Pokemon and the Frost form of Rotom is a Generation 4 Pokemon. As of now, only two Pokemon are available in this dual-type.


Ice electric Pokemon
Arctozolt Pokemon

The ice and electric Pokemon from Generation 4 is also a fossil Pokemon. Players can trade Arctozolt and find it in the wild. Arctozolt lives on prehistoric shores and it also hides in areas near seas. Arctozolt preserves food using ice on its body. It doesn’t have an evolution and the Pokemon’s only weakness is poor movement speed. The best moves for Arctozolt are,

  • Slush Rush – Arctozolt’s speed gets doubled in a hailstorm  and this can be used as a hidden ability. Slush Rush is the primary skill for this unit
  • Thunder Shock – This electric-type moveset has excellent accuracy and can paralyze target within its range and deals damage
  • Powder Snow – Powder Snow is an Ice-type skill. It freezes targets in long-range and applies chill effects. Once the powder snow is active, it deals damage
  • Static – Pokemon that uses static move can paralyze targets if it’s hit by a move making contact. This is a status ailment effect
  • Volt Absorb – Pokémon that uses Volt Absorb retrieves hp if it’s hit by an electric-type attack and it grants multiple buffs

Frost Rotom

Frost Rotom, the alternate form of Rotom, is a Generation 4 Pokemon. Frost Rotom is a Plasma Pokemon with powers of Ice and Electric. It has plasma in its body and controls electric devices with its special skill. This dual-type Pokemon is strong in defense just like other forms of the Rotom Pokemon. The best skills for Frost Rotom are,

  • Levitate – Once this skill is active, Frost Rotom unlocks powers of a flying Pokemon . Levitate skill also makes your Pokemon resistant against all ground-type attacks in raids
  • Electro Ball – The electric-type moveset inflicts heavy damage and hurls electric orb on targets. Electro Ball boosts damage when a Pokemon moves faster than the target

That’s everything you need to know about ice and electric dual-type Pokemon and their skills. Pokemon with ice and electric powers will be a beast, but there are only 2 Pokemon of this type in the Pokedex.


Is Ice Electric Pokemon Good?

Yes, Pokemon with the powers of electric and ice elements will be lethal. With ice powers, you can freeze targets and inflict damage. With the electric powers, you can shock targets and win battles efficiently.

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